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1. The Top Ten Things I Learned In Public Relations #1-What Public Relations means During the first week of class, we were asked for our definition of what public…
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  • 1. The Top Ten Things I Learned In Public Relations #1-What Public Relations means During the first week of class, we were asked for our definition of what public relations means. We learned that public relations is a four step process: RACE. It stands for Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. #2- Technology Being up-to-date in technology will help a public relations professional be more successful in the field because they will have the
  • 2. best resources. #3- Writing Skills While interviewing a public relations professional, I realized how much of a role writing has in public relations. #4- Be Prepare for any Situation A PR professional must be prepared for any issue that might arise. When the disaster with Dominos Pizza happened, the company did not publically react for 48 hours. Many were upset because it seemed as if it was not a big deal to the company. PR professionals have to be aware of what is going on, and they must be quick to react and solve the
  • 3. problem. #5- Research No matter what the situation is, it is important to have researched the topic. If you are working with a client, it is a good idea to research the background of the company/ client. Knowing information ahead of time will help you to become more familiar with the client’s style. #6-Resumes Creating the proper resume will show a potential boss that you are organized and responsible. It is important to include the highlights of your accomplishments, but in an organized fashion. #7- Ethics and Morals This class has taught me to always remember
  • 4. people’s values and lifestyles while working in the public relations field.You would not want your company or product to offend a group of individuals. Considering society will help you to work to your most full potential. #8- News Releases There are certain points that must be included in a news release in order for it to have that title. It is important to mark the date of when you want it to be released to the press.Your article must stand out in the editor’s mind in order for it to be picked for release. #9- Work Week There is not a typical work week for a person working in public relations. Sometimes a week will be slow, but others will be hectic. Staying organized is key when it comes to
  • 5. time management. #10-Job Interview Our public relations class took a significant amount of time learning skills on how to have the best job interview. It is important to dress properly and to have great social skills. You must be able to answer questions on the spot.
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