Topic 1- Introduction of Grammar

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  1.0 SYNOPSIS  Topic 1 provides input on the teaching of grammar in the Primary School. It also discusses the different meanings and definitions of grammar. In addition, it will compare and contrast between fluency and accuracy , grammar for young learners and the place of grammar in the primary classroom . 1.1 LEARNING OUTCOMES  By the end of Topic 1, students will be able to: · Demonstrate an understanding of the meanings and definition of grammar. · Demonstrate an understanding of an overview of Teaching of Grammar in the Primary School  1.2 FRAMEWORK OF TOPICS    CONTENT   SESSION ONE 3 Hours)   1.3 Introduction to grammar  Grammar is central to the teaching and learning of languages. It is also one of the most difficult aspects of language to teach as well. Grammar is partly the study of what forms (or structures) are possible in a language, All language in use can be analyzed at each of the four levels; sound, word, sentence and text. These rules tell the speakers: * how to pronounce syllables (phonology), * how to form words (morphology), * how to structure sentences (syntax) and * what style of language to use in a given context (pragmatics). These are the forms that language takes. The study of grammar consists, in part, of looking at the way these forms are arranged and patterned. Thus, a grammar is a set of the rules that governs how a sentences is formed.
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