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  1  Are Bonfires Safe Enough for People and their Pets? by Georgina Loring   So are they? This story has two sides, people and animals. In this issue I’m going to look at both. Bonfire night may be something that everyone looks forward to all year round but it isn’t just fun and games because fire can cause serious injury and, in some unlikely and tragic events, even death.  Animal Safety in Bonfires.  Animals are particularly vulnerable during bonfire season because not only are they small, half the time you don’t even realise they’re there. Most animals can be harmed by bonfires but the worst hit of them all is the hedgehog. The reason hedgehogs are the most likely to be harmed during bonfire season is because bonfire season is in autumn, and autumn is when h edgehogs hibernate. Most people don’t try to kill them. Hedgehogs just spot the pile of sticks on the ground and decide that it would be a great place to spend winter. In 1950 the hedgehog population in Britain was three million. Now in 2014 it has gone down by two million and is one million or less which has made hedgehogs an endangered species. Ways to stop these prickly friends and other animals getting hurt are: build bonfires as close to the night as possible, build a pile of material and re-assemble before lighting and use an old stick to look inside the bonfire. If any hedgehogs are found they must be moved to a pile of leaves or a bush away from the fire. People’s Safety on Bonfire Night   People need to be sensible during bonfire season because bonfires are very dangerous and over half of the injuries are to children under 17 . It’s im portant always to build a bonfire away from anything flammable so a bonfire doesn’t turn into a house fire!   Team B Edition 68 November 7 2014 Founded by Ben Owen 2011 Editorial Welcome to another issue of TotallyTockington -the paper written BY students FOR students! Today Team B’s theme is Bonfire Night and the emergency services. We have a lot of newcomers this term and it’s great having more people do the paper. I’ve picked out some very good articles to mention, like Lily Edwards’ first and brill article about the biggest firework of all time or maybe Ben Jacobi’s amazing article on police dogs. If you want to find out about the biggest chocolate fire work then Isabelle Preston’s article is one that you’ll enjoy r  eading, and if you want to find out how to light a fire in the wilderness, then Isabel Browning’s article is the one for you. I hope you’re looking forward to another action-packed read! Enjoy! Georgina Loring Editor Team B by Carmen Rey-Jones Fireworks Fireworks also cause major injuries and it is important to never go near an unexploded firework as it could go off at any time. Summary Bonfires are great fun and everyone looks forward to Bonfire Night but they can be very dangerous, not only to animals and to people but also to property. So, be careful and enjoy the fun of bonfires and fireworks!  Acknowledgements   2 The Air Ambulance   By Toby Gaulton   There are lo's of air ambulance services in the UK but I am going to talk about The Great Western Air  Ambulance service. In the crew there are five paramedics, one pilot and one doctor who work in the helicopter. As well as the crew in the helicopter, there are nine people in the office for emergency calls. Mission wise this year they have 679 missions. If you need the GWAAS you call 999 and ask air ambulance. In the GWAAS they got a new helicopter on the 16th of October called a Eurocopter 135 and the day after they got it, it flew its first mission. If we want to keep it flying we the public have to raise £2 million pounds a year. They are a charity and rely on us.   Our future King, Prince William, has left the RAF and now he will be an East Anglian air ambulance pilot but will still do things for the Queen. He is very excited and to earn the licence he needs to do 5 months of training ,14 exams and a flight test. At first he will be a co - pilot but after training he will be a pilot.   The Biggest Firework of all Time! by Lily Edwards Getting ready for firework night is very exciting. I like fireworks because they are really bright and colourful. I was interested to find out about the biggest firework ever made. It was called Universe I Part II and was exploded in Japan in 1988 which was a long time before I was alive. It was 54.7 inches in diameter which is wider than my height and when it was set off in the sky it burst to 3.937 feet which is very very big indeed. The biggest ever firework display was in Dubai on 31 st  December 2013 and they set off 479,531 fireworks…That must have gone on for a very long time and been very loud. I think this all sounds absolutely amazing but I think I will stick to the fireworks in my garden!   Weird But True Facts About Fireworks by Isabelle Preston   The first fireworks in England were launched in 1486 at King Henry the Vll ’s  wedding! 90% of fireworks srcinate from China. The biggest chocolate firework had Swiss chocolates inside and measured 3m high and 1.5m in diameter. Blue is the hardest firework colour to make! Hanabi means fire-flower in Japanese which is another word for firework! Static electricity can set off sparks in synthetic clothing which is why firework makers wear cotton clothing  3 Police Horses by Archie West Police horses have been used since the 17th century Police horses are used for crowd control at public and sporting events because of their mobile mass and height advantage. The size of the horse allows the rider to see a wider area but also allows people to see the police officer. Police horses can be noticed as they wear high visible clothing. Most police horses come from Ireland. Their training lasts for around 6 months and is separated into 3 stages Red,  Amber  and Green. The Red stage is about learning the basics, like standing still , being calm and polite. The  Amber  stage is when the horses are introduced to noises, new conditions and environments. The Green stage is when the horses go on patrols, learning to cope with traffic and move within crowds.     FIREWORKS by Iona Campbell  I have been reading the CBBC site about fireworks. Fireworks are made from gunpowder, which is mixed together with saltpetre, sulphur and charcoal. People that make fireworks are called Pirotechnicians. Everything is put in a case and then wrapped up, and then they add the fuse. The Chinese were the first people to make use of fireworks; they   used them to scare away evil spirits. Different Types of Fireworks Rocket: when rocket fireworks are lit, a substance explodes, making gasses, that blasts the rocket up in to the sky. Fountains: these types of ones are cone shaped, and they sit on the ground. The sparks shoot upwards like a spray of water and then they explode with colours. Smoke Bombs: they blast out lots of different colours of smoke.   Sparklers:  sparklers are long pieces of wire; one end of the wire is covered with chemicals that make bright sparkles fly out. They are really pretty. You hold them in your hand and you can move them around and make patterns. You have to be really careful because they can burn at 1650 degrees, which is the heat you melt metal together with!  4 Police Dogs by Ben Jacobi Police dogs help the police to solve crimes. Police dogs are like normal dogs but especially trained to be good at tracking down criminals. Police dogs use their powerful sense of smell to track the criminal down. Could your Poodle be a Police Dog? There are many different breeds of dogs that are trained in police work. What breed often depends on the type of work they will do. Dogs like the German Shepherds are very good at tracking and Beagles are good at sniffing out drugs. What Happens to Police Dogs When They Retire? Regardless of what breed they are, police dogs are usually trained from puppies. Police dogs are usually treated as heroes. Many times they go to live with their human police officer partner.   FIREWORK by Katy Perry reviewed by Otis Walker  Firework is sung by the American singer Katy Perry. Firework reached number one in the American charts (the ‘Billboard Hot 100’). The song also was in the top five in twenty different countries around the world but didn’t get the top spot in England and only got to number 3. This song is on the album called ‘Teenage Dream’. The song is about lots of different people who are shy, worried, sad or not confident. Katy Perry sings about those people and tries to tell those sort of people that there is something special in everyone and if they try hard and be confident they can burst out something amazing. Katy starts the first few verses of the song quite slowly and it gets faster and faster and explodes into the chorus just like a firework going into the sky. I like this song because it makes me feel uplifted, happy and excited, especially the chorus. I would give the song four fireworks because it’s a good song but could have more verses and less of the chorus. The Giant African Snail by Ben Jacobi Giant African Snails may not be your first choice for a pet but if you did want one, here are some facts:- The giant snails are found in East Africa. Their main habitat is the tropical rainforest but they also live in long grass and wet areas. They eat lots of different leaves fruits and vegetables. To grow a hard shell, the snails must have calcium in their food. Like all snails, Giant African Snails are unusual because they are both male and female so any two can breed. They lay hundreds of eggs which take about a month to hatch. A baby snail is about 4mm long with a tiny shell too!  An adult snail can reach up to 20cm and lives around 6 years! We know it’s not a firework or part o f the Emergency Services but, due to a technical hitch, Ben’s article did not et in to the last Team B aer  –  so here it is!
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