Toyota Avensis 2003-2007 Diagnostics

Toyota Avensis 2003-2007 Diagnostics
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   –  DIAGNOSTICS ABS WITH EBD & BA & TRC & VSC SYSTEM 05–835 AVENSIS REPAIR MANUAL (RM1018E) ABS WARNING LIGHT CIRCUIT (DOES NOT LIGHT UP) CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION If the ECU detects trouble, it will prohibit ABS control, turn on the ABS warning light, and store the DTC.Connect terminals Tc and CG of the DLC3 to make the ABS warning light blink and output the DTC. 0543F–04  F45135 B–RDHDA182Driver Side J/BIGNWAS136IE1179B–WC11C10Combination MeterABSSkid Control ECU with ActuatorR–YR–Y2217C10AM14B4A11IG1A12AM23IK1AEngine Room R/B No.3Engine Room R/B No.1 & Engine Room J/B No.113Engine Room J/B No.41IOILJ15 J/CBattery*1: 1AZ–FSE *2: 1CD–FTV *3: LHD *4: RHD(*3)(*4)(*3)(*4)B–WCACAJ8J26J8J26J/CB–RIE4IP111(*3)(*4)B–RB (*2)B–G (*1)B (*2)FL MAINB–G (*1)W–B (*3 *2)W–B (*3 *1)AAAAJ17 J/CJ16 J/CW–B (*3)W–B (*4)W–B (*4)I13 Ignition SW46 05–836  –  DIAGNOSTICS ABS WITH EBD & BA & TRC & VSC SYSTEMAVENSIS REPAIR MANUAL (RM1018E) WIRING DIAGRAM   –  DIAGNOSTICS ABS WITH EBD & BA & TRC & VSC SYSTEM 05–837 AVENSIS REPAIR MANUAL (RM1018E) INSPECTION PROCEDURE HINT:Start the inspection from step 1 if you are using the hand–held tester and start from step 2 if you are not usingthe hand–held tester. 1PERFORM ACTIVE TEST BY HAND–HELD TESTER(ABS WARNING LIGHT) (a)Check that ”ON” and ”OFF” of the ABS warning light is shown on the combination meter by the hand– held tester. OKREPLACE ABS & TRACTION ACTUATOR ASSY(See page 32–57)NG 2INSPECT ABS WARNING LIGHT (a)See combination meter troubleshooting on page 71–1. NGREPAIR OR REPLACE COMBINATION METERASSEMBLYOK 3CHECK HARNESS AND CONNECTOR(SKID CONTORL ECU – CMBINATIONMETER) (a)Check for an open or short circuit in harness and connector between the skid control ECU and com-bination meter (See page 01–32). NGREPAIR OR REPLACE HARNESS ORCONNECTOROKREPLACE ABS & TRACTION ACTUATOR ASSY(See page 32–57)   –  DIAGNOSTICS ABS WITH EBD & BA & TRC & VSC SYSTEM 05–827 AVENSIS REPAIR MANUAL (RM1018E) DTCAlwaysONMALFUNCTION IN ABS ECU CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION DTC No.DTC Detecting ConditionTrouble AreaAlways ONEither of the following 1 or 2 is detected:1.The ECU connectors are disconnected from the ECU.2.There is a malfunction in the ECU internal circuit.3.Malfunction in the circuit of meter or ABS warning lightcircuit.  Battery  IC regulator  ABS warning light circuit  Power source circuit  Skid control ECU HINT:There is a case that hand–held tester cannot be used when ECU is abnormal. 0543D–04
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