Traditional House or in a Modern Apartment

Traditional House or in a Modern Apartment
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  Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. Started: 1:10am, Finished: 1:50am   I would like to live in a traditional house rather than a modern apartment building because of following reasons:   (Don't repeat the theme of the topic.) First of all,   I have risen up HAVING BEEN RAISED in a traditional house with my parents, it makes me feel comfortable to continue living in the same kind of house.    After all, those houseS are cheap in price, and people around are USUALLY acquainted (familiar) and familiar.   Most of my familY MEMBERS live WITHin A small DISTANCE OF ME, so I would like to stay nearby, and stay in touch with them. The second reason WHY I WOULD PROBABLY choose to live in a traditional house, is that most of THESE HOUSES have yards.   I would like TO build a small garden with flowers in the yard of my traditional house, which is almost AN impossibILITY TO DO in THE YARD OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING.   I COULD grow grapevines, apple trees, and so forth.   I can talk with my nice neighbors while I am watering the green plants, AND I can always come out and lie down oON THE GRASS in the night, and watch the stars.   The third reason is that people WHO LIVE IN traditional houses are so nice and USUALLY MUCH kindER than those people who live in the cities. The people in the cities are always busy with their jobs, they are always tired, and (moreover) they are always in A rush, so there is LITTLE time to GET TO know each other BETTER. Last but not the least, there is no need to be worrIED about making aN OCCASIONAL loud noise. I think in an apartment you are too restricted to do something noisy.   In traditional houses, your neighbors may never knock ON your door and ask you to turn the TV down. But, if you live in an apartment, you need to be quiet, because one of your neighbors COULD WELL BE tired and MAY want to sleep early. Taking all the above mentioned into account, I would like to live in a traditional house, because most of my family members are living in these kinds of houses. People WHO LIVE IN these houses are nice. You can raise plantS in your small garden. Children could play games in the yard, and finally these houses are toO WELL CONSTRUCTED THAT THE OCCASIONAL noisY activities WOULD NOT BOTHER your neighbors.  A traditional house vs. a modern apartment Category: TOEFL Essays Finding a comfortable place to live is dreams of many people, thus, whether choosing to live in a modern apartment or a traditional house, becomes a popular topic. To choose one between the two is a matter of balancing its pros and cons. As far as I am concerned, it is more advisable to choose living in a modern apartment than living in a traditional house. The most persuasive point is that modern apartment is generally in much better shape than house. Being new probably means all the pumping works, the roof is not going to leak, the windows are properly  sealed, and the kitchen appliances are in working order. A traditional house cannot guarantee any of that. I illustrate the example just in an attempt to state one fact that modern apartments have better living conditions than house. This is only one part of my opinion, another aspect of my reason lies in the fact that modern apartment is safer than traditional house. There are cameras in both hall way and elevators, the security system is well equipped, you do not need to have the concern that if one day somebody may break into your house. In contrast, the traditional houses do not have this advantage. If you read the local newspaper you will find that there is not a single stealing case happening in apartments, but many occur in houses. Furthermore, if you live in an apartment, you can expect high standard of living by just spending small amount of money. Most apartments have exercise facilities, for example, swimming pool, running machine, tennis field or even basketball field. Image how much money one will spend if he builds all these in his backyard. Admittedly, traditional house also has its advantages; one extreme manifestation of its advantage is that one can have much larger rooms in a house than in the apartment. If all the factors are contemplated, I think I would prefer to live in a modern apartment, in that I do not need to repair my room, I do not need to worry about the safety of my possession, and I can exercise more conveniently. Traditional Vs Modern Houses Topic 144: Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. | Score & Analysis Living in a traditional house means keeping one away from the modern facilities. To make one � s life better and easier one should prefer living in a modern apartment building. Although living in a traditional house may show one ’s  love to the traditional culture and customs, it is not reliable and convenient for him. Converting traditional house to a modern one is what we have achieved through our knowledge. The scientific achievements we have got till now are for our benefit and welfare. If we do not use those techniques we achieved so far, we will go back to the Stone Age. So modern apartments are more comfortable than traditional houses. We are on twenty-first century so we should comply with it. We cannot imagine our lives without modern facilities. Researches are going on to improve our life styles. New technologies are applied on the modern apartment for better living.  At last, modern apartment provides not only modern facilities but also one � s complete needs. Hence I prefer to live in a modern apartment building rather than to live in a traditional house. It is the need of almost every person to live in a modern house. People all over the world are trying to change their traditional houses into modern apartment buildings. Thus it is not only a personal need and desire but also a global need and global desire.  A   house   is a home,  building , or   structure that functions as a habitat for   humans or other creatures. [1][2] The term   house   includes many kinds of dwellings ranging from rudimentary huts of   nomadic tribes to complex structures composed of many systems. [3][4] English-speaking people generally call any building they routinely occupy home . The social unit that lives in a house is known as a  household . Most commonly, a household is a  family unit of some kind, although households may also be other   social groups or individuals. Technology and privacy[edit]    The introduction of   technology and electronic systems within the house has questioned the impressions of privacy as well as the segregation of work from  home . Technological advances of surveillance and  communications allow insight of personal habits and private lives. [7]  As a result, the private becomes ever more public, [and] the desire for a protective home life increases, fuelled by the very media that undermine it writes  Hill . [7] Work also, has been altered due to the increase of communications. The deluge of information , [7] has expressed the efforts of work, conveniently gaining access inside the house. Although commuting is reduced, the desire to separate working and living remains apparent. [7] In  Jonathan Hill 's book   Immature Architecture, he identifies this new invasion of privacy as  Electromagnetic Weather. Natural or man-made  weather remains concurrent inside or outside the house, yet the electromagnetic weather is able to generate within both positions. [7] [ clarification needed ]   On the other hand, some architects have designed homes in which eating, working and living are brought together. Energy efficiency[edit]  In the developed world,  energy-conservation has grown in importance in house-design. Housing produces a major proportion of   carbon emissions ( 30% of the total in the UK , for example). [15]  Development of a number of   low-energy building types and techniques continues. They include the  zero-energy house , the  passive solar house , the  autonomous buildings , the  superinsulated and houses built to the  Passivhaus standard. Earthquake protection[edit]  One tool of   earthquake engineering is  base isolation which is increasingly used for   earthquake protection.  Base isolation is a collection of structural elements of a  building that should substantially  decouple it from the shaking ground thus protecting the building's integrity [16] and enhancing its  seismic performance . This technology, which is a kind of seismic  vibration control , can be applied both to a newly designed building and to seismic upgrading of existing structures. [17]  Normally, excavations are made around the building and the building is separated from the foundations. Steel or   reinforced concrete beams replace the connections to the foundations, while under these, the isolating pads, or    base isolators, replace the material removed. While the  base isolation tends to restrict transmission of the ground motion to the building, it also keeps the building positioned properly over the foundation. Careful attention to detail is required where the building interfaces with the ground, especially at entrances, stairways and ramps, to ensure sufficient relative motion of those structural elements. Both traditional house and modern apartment buildings boast different characteristics. Ones of the traditional house is a local way of life, but ones of the modern apartment is a new lifestyle. I prefer the second choice. If you stay in the traditional house, you have to live a frugal and economical life. Many elder people who stay in this house always do not have luxurious things such as car and diamond. They do not spend a lot of money buying them, but purchase basic necessities like food, medicine and shelter. When entering this kind of house, you will see many things old covered with dust. To illustrate, my grandfather aged 88 years old live in a dark and old house in my hometown. He does not want me to buy any modern things. He lives an ascetic life with his dog, relaxing himself in an orchard in the afternoon and catching fish in a canal before dinner. However, if you choose to live in a modern apartment, you have to live a luxurious and comfortable life. In this house, there are many electrical appliances such as refrigerator, television and radio which you cannot have if staying in the traditional house. Moreover, you have to other tools such as computers and play stations which are a way of entertainment  for people living in a city. For me, if I decide to stay in the modern apartment, i can to adapt to fast-changing environments of a global society. I always have many peers who always go to visit me during the holiday; therefore, I really need a house to accommodate and make them happy. Moreover, during the university life, I want a house which has computers, a wireless internet and television to keep abreast with the current situation around the world. In conclusion, there are many benefits that the two houses provide. It depends on the life purpose. As a student, i really want to have the modern house to expose myself to the world's present situations with which I have to encounter.  
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