Train Dynamic Model

model a train dynamic
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  Train Dynamic Model by: Mochamad Safarudin Mechanical Department  A brief introduction  Definition ã Dynamic model : a mathematical model that describes the behaviour of a system for example acceleration, velocity or position if the system is subjected to an input ã In the train case, the system is a locomotive or wagon. The input can be engine traction force, braking force or drawbar force (between two vehicles)  Locomotive Dynamic Model F L F R F  A F C F G F coupler F L F R F  A F G F C F coupler tractive effort or dynamic braking force Rolling resistance (friction of rail and wheel) Force due to wind resistance (aerodynamic load) Forcedue to grade resistance Force due to curve resistance Force in the coupler (connection to wagon)  Tractive Effort/Dynamic Braking Force F L  depends on the speed and input notch from the driver/engineer and can be developed by tractive effort/dynamic braking curve typical for a type of locomotive Typical Tractive Effort and Dynamic Braking Force Curve
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