Training & Development Short Note

Training & Development Short Note
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  TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Q 1. Write Note on Training & Development Today Human Resources are significant factor of any organization. Mostly service organization like Bank & Insurance companies success depends upon quality & quantity of Human resources because people have taken on an even more central role in building a firm's competitive advantage. Organization can achieved sustained competitive advantage through providing appropriate training & education to their employees. Therefore Training & Development programmed is very significant to any organization. Origin: - The beginning of training could trace to the Stone Age when people started transferring knowledge through signs and deeds to others. Vocational training started during the Industrial Revolution when apprentices were provided direct instructions in the operation of machines. Training and development is increasingly recognized, now, as a most important organizational activity. Rapid technological changes require newer skills and knowledge in many areas. Training has to be continuously offered to keep employees updated and effective. There are some who believe that training has necessarily been given undue importance and that the experience on-the-job is good enough to develop necessary skills and efficiency to perform the job. It is true that training cannot entirely substitute experience, but it has certain definite advantages over it. 1.   Training unlike experience can shorten the time required to reach maximum efficiency. 2.   Cost of training is much less than the cost of gaining experience particularly if one is dealing with expensive equipment.  3.   The results of experience can sometimes be accidental, particularly when experience depends solely on trial and error. 4.   The element of predictability is far less when compared to the outcome of a well conceived and conducted training programme. 5.   Clear description of performance problem. 6.   Frequent feedback to measure the progress of learners/participants. Definition: It is attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employees ability to perform through learning usually by changing employees attitude or increasing his or her skill & knowledge -Shirley Bosky Training & Development is a one of the significant technique to encourage employee to take interest in his work by developing skill & knowledge which will definitely reflects in organizational profits. Training & Development refer to those specific learning opportunity designed to help employees grow. Training & development need arise to fulfill the gap between standard  performance of employee & actual performance. Where the employee is lacking or  behind in his work. Extreme supervision on employees works help to decide degree of training & Development programmes.  People often confuse with the Training and Education. But both are different in some  points as follows. Training Education Application Method. Theoretical Orientation. Job Experience. Classroom Training Specific Task. General Concept.  Narrow Perspective Broad Perspective. Q.2 What are the objectives of Training? The objectives of training according to the employees belonging to different levels of organizations. The basic objective of training, however, is to establish a match between employee and his job. This training is designed to improve knowledge, skills, and attitude and, thus equip the individual to be more effective in his present job or prepare him for a future assignment. How ever, individual’s growth should not be taken as an end. From the point of view of an organization individual growth is a means to organizational effectiveness. The viability depends on the efficiency that an organization achieves in meeting its goals.    Induction Training constitutes a significant step in the induction of the individual into the company’s way of life. Its helps the employee to know the company’s culture, structure, relationship’s role, policies and rules of the organizations. The basic idea  is to take relatively young people and expose them to the various departments and functions of the organization to help them to know the organization better. At the end of this period, either the trainees are placed in a specific department or they are allowed to choose.       Updating A significant objective of training is to prevent the obsolescence of the employees  by updating their skills and knowledge. The jobs that employees have been doing are not static. They change, sometimes, without the necessary awareness. For example, introduction of computers has changes job substantially. So the training  becomes necessary to update them, to reach the newer skills and their efficiency does not suffer because of lack of understanding of the new technology.    Preparing for Future Assignments One of the objects of the training is to provide an employee an opportunity to climb up the promotional ladder. There are two ways to do this, One, people with  potential can be identified and sent to appropriate training programmes to prepare them for future positions. The other could be to train them for the next level and wait for the opportunity to absorb them. Another variation of this could be that an employee is promoted and then sent for training. In all cases, it helps an organization to have trained manpower available as and when needed.    Competence Organizations, which have stagnated for long, need to identify certain individuals who are creative and show potential for innovation and sent them to special training programmes designed to realize the new competencies. These  programmes do not necessarily meet the job related requirements but are designed to induce certain special talents. Programmes on creativity, innovativeness, and the like are now offered by many agencies. Other objectives Employees will definitely learn best when objectives of the training program were clearly stated to them, objective means the purpose and expected outcome of training
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