Transcript ICM surveyed a cross-section of 1200 people by phone for fve live. The results showed 20% used a copleentary edicine or therapy in the last year. !ouble the nuber found to be usin the in a siilar survey # years a o. $ur survey revealed en less li%ely than woen to turn to a therapist. &ut the two of the ost popular treatents ' herbal edicine and acupuncture were used ore by en than woen. (ohn )riest was o*ered acupuncture on the +,-. I had soe abdoinal pain and bac% pain/ saw y
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   TranscriptICM surveyed a cross-section of 1200 people by phone for ve live. The results showed 20% used a copleentary edicine or therapy in the last year. !ouble the nuber found to be usin the in a siilar survey # years a o. $ur survey revealed en less liely than woen to turn to a therapist. &ut the two of the ost popular treatents ' herbal edicine and acupuncture were used ore by en than woen. (ohn )riest was o*ered acupuncture on the +,I had soe abdoinal pain and bac pain/ saw y eneral )ractitioner/ had a lot of tests done/ didnt show anythin / so he then o*ered y either physiotherapy which I didnt thin was really oin to solve the proble or pain-illers which are a teporary epedient at best or acupuncture which I didnt now a reat deal about.o I thou ht lets try soethin new and see if it can produce soe relief.3nd how do you feel now that youve had it43 lot better. I wont say its been 100 per cent cured but it certainly produced a verybi iproveent both in the pain itself and in y eneral feelin of well bein . The a5ority of people said they used alternative edicine is because it wored for the. &ut other reasons iven included that it was relain and it helped prevent illness. $ne in ten people was referred to an alternative therapist by their doctor butan e6ual nuber referred theselves because they said they didnt believe in conventional edicine. $thers said they went to a copleentary practitioner because they couldnt et the treatent they wanted on the +, 789: +ational ,ealth ervice;. (en Mc<eed is one such patient. ,es been payin to see a naturopath and nutritionist for the last = years.I actually had M3 I 5ust nished >niversity. I was very run down. Id spend ? wees inbed. Id been to see several doctors. 3nd I was basically told there was nothin they could do for e/ I 5ust had to wait. 3nd I went to see (oh and I was helped reatly. I a scientist so I lie proof/ I lie to see real thin s happenin but I was at y wits end with how I was feelin and it was an alternative way of dealin with what I had. I thin a lot of people are seein an alternative to antibiotics. I was on = courses of antibiotics when I was told initially that I had the batin @u. In fact probably what I was prescribed by the doctor.Many ainstrea doctors reain septical about alternative health treatents/ especially the ore unusual - 1 per cent of our survey had used crystal therapy/ @otation tans/ inesiolo y and a netic therapy aon st others. &ut the cost iplications for the health syste cant be i nored. )eople tain part in our poll spent an avera e 1= pounds. #0 a onth on alternatives. Those a ed between 1A and 2B spent an avera e 1A pounds #0. Thats 22= pounds a year they ay have been savin the +, hundreds in dru s and doctors tie. 3lison arden is a therapist who practices estalt ' a for of psychotherapy at the ,ell clinic in Dondon. he believes the future lies in a arria e of ainstrea and copleentary health for that reason  >p until about B years a o I wored alon side doctors. <ro y eperience the doctors had little tie. They were so pressed for tie. They were very adept at siftin throu h who they were best at helpin and who I was best at helpin and it  5ust wored that syste wored. o the ore therapists there are with conventional edicines alon side ' I ean that is the way to o. I thin that both are so vital. &utsoe )s are still treatin syptos. hat is the point of 5ust treatin the syptos/ its so supercial. lets o to the root/ lets o to the cause.
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