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Treetops3 (Ingles)

Inglés básico
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  Sing. I love my house in Friendly StreetWhere everyone says hello.Every morning in Friendly StreetEveryone says hello.The postman brings the post and, yes,The postman says hello, hello,The postman says hello.I love my house in Friendly StreetWhere everyone says hello. Count the windows and doors. HOM E Unit   3 1 38  B E DROOMS 1 Listen and point. Repeat. Number. Part A 39 a tablea beda lampa bookshelfdrawersa chaira wardrobe ________________________________________________________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ 2 Write. 123  4 567 2 3 drawers 3 A 12 4 5 67 3 1 More practice on p. 81  3 Listen and read. A SAF E PLAC  E 4 3 A 1 Come out now! It’s safe! 2 Where are we?This is my bedroom. Stay here with me.Really? Thanks! 3 There’s a nice, soft bed ...... but it’s enormous! 4 This is fun, Holly!Bud, stop it! 5 Look, here’s an old doll’s house.It’s perfect, Holly! 6 There’s a table and a chair, there’s a lamp ... 4 0 There’s a table and a chair.  3 A 4 1 7 There’s a bed and there’s a wardrobe. 8 Do you like the doll’s house, Holly?Yes, but it isn’t home. 9 Oh, Bud! Where’s Mum? Where’s Dad?  10 Don’t worry, Holly. We’ll find your mum and dad. 11 Holly, look! There’s Squirrel in the garden! 12 Let’s follow him! Let’s follow Squirrel!


Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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