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  For over 50 years, our factory has been manufacturing rehabilitation equipment. For all these years we have tried to connect tradition and modernity . Tradition - our 50 years of experience and modernity - new technologies, allow us to offer equipment at the highest level of quality and most importantly enable us meets the needs of users.From almost the beginning we have been manufacturing tricycles for people , who for various reasons, can not use bicycles: the elderly, children with cerebral palsy, people with disabilities. We have prepared an offer for people in different age. For those who just use basic version and for people who require more individualized therapeutic approaches and options.Our bikes offers our customers more freedom , better integration with the environment and improve mobility. Tricycle promotes a healthy lifestyle.  TRICYCLES  One frame two style Both tricycles have the same frame , and differonly in the design of the details.LIBERTY retains the classic look, is aimed for peoplewho do not want to stand out and attract attention.VINTAGE is a bike that looks like from the previous era. Equipped with add-ons: browngrips , brown saddle , brown tires, give it a RETRO style, very fashionable today. tricycles 2014  A wide range of support options allows you to drive safely and stabilize you . You will not fall down from a bicycle while driving. The tricycle on the picture is equipped with adjustable seat, backrest stabilizing the trunk, rear-view mirror and drum brakes.Our Tricycle offer our customers more freedom.  They allow for better integration with the environment and improve mobility. If the condition of the user requires additional adaptation, we offer a wide range of additional options, different drives, seats and steering wheels, and options to stabilize. tricycles 2014   Tricycles for children. Excellent tool for therapeutic , rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy to improves the muscle tone. The perfect solution for children with problems of balance, impaired movement. Movement has stimulating effect on the maintenance of the musculo skeletal in good condition, improves blood circulation, respiration, strengthens overall body. Bicycles especially in children motivate to action. Thanks the tricycle children easier integrate with their peers.If you want to see child's smile and joy, just plant him on the bike. Children just love cycling.A wide range of supplementary options allows for safe driving and stabilize . Children will not fall down from a bicycle while driving .Fantastic tool for supporting of rehabilitation and activation. To meet the different needs aesthetic of girls and boys , we have created two separate models. tricycles 2014
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