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  MYSTIC PEN Like vanishing, levitation has been around for as long as magic itself.This simple levitation can be really impressive as your audience sees a pen rise and fall inside a bottle. To perform this you will need a piece of thin dark thread(the invisible thread used STEP 1   To perform this levitation you will need a ball point pen like that shown in Fig.1. The pen should have a small stopper in the end.  STEP 2   Remove the bung from the pen and attach your thread to it then replace the  bung in the pen. This will look like Fig. .  STEP 3   !ttach the other end of the thread to a shirt or acket button. #ou are now ready to go. $otice that in Fig. % & have used a dark thread and a white shirt. This of course is only so that you can see the set up more clearly. STEP 4   Take the pen and drop it thread end first into your bottle. #ou will now find that by moving the bottle towards or away from your body you will be able to makethe pen rise and fall in the bottle. #ou will need to e'periment a bit to find the  best length for your thread. !lso try using different threads and clothing to find the combination which is most invisible.     ELASTRICKERY )lastrickery is one of the few decent tricks around which use a rubber band. This free trick is actually being sold elsewhere on the net. The big advantage with a rubber band trick is of course that you can always carry your props with you and if you forget it you can be sure that most houses will have one lying around somewhere.*rap the rubber band around your first two fingersand pull it backwards as in Fig. 1  STEP 2    $ow clench your fist, making sure that the band wraps aroundall of the fingers at the back of your fist as in Fig. . STEP 3   #our audience should of course only see the front of your knuckles as in Fig. %. STEP 4    To make the band ump to the other two fingers, simply open and close your fist in one fast action. The band will appear to have umped as in Fig. +.     How To Do Levitation Trick ! oatin# $i An% S&a '()ect Levitation avid -laine demonstrated a classic ob ect levitation on his T special where he asks a spectator to watch while he picks up a leaf and causes it to levitate above his hand.This appeared to be totally impromptu which made it even more impressive.This type of levitation is performed by using / invisible thread  / which can either be  purchased as a proprietary brand from good magic suppliers or by separating some fine  polyester thread into individual strands and using a single strand.0ne end of this strand should be attached to some sticky tape and placed in the mouth  between the gum and cheek or a high shirt button while the other end can be placed at theright moment to a solid ob ect ( &n avid -laines case, possibly the tree.2 The magician then stands at the correct distance so that the string is tight and the ob ect ( a bill or a leaf2wrapped around the thread which is above the magicians hand.This should look like the magician is ust scrunching up the note in the palm of their hand.-y using very small movements of the head or body, the magician can then tighten the thread causing the note to rise and is also able to move his hands around the ob ect to show that it really is levitating.The ob ect can then be made to return to the palm and be e'amined by the spectator.The magician can then casually walk away, allowing the thread to break which is not a
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