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But the word was also chosen to mark symbolically the incoming o a new stage o the local I, that o innovation. I, a ew years ago, execution and perormance were among the most widely employed words, we are now witnessing an unprecedented ascending o the concept o innovation on the Romanian market. Tis new trend points to an evolution o the Romanian entrepreneur’s mentality, who becomes more and more aware o his capacity to metamorphose rom a mere exe-cutant into a product creator. Assuming the new status must take into account a reality synthesized suggestively by Radu Georgescu in an interview during How to Web 2013: outsourcing means selling working hours, whereas producing means selling the same product a thousand times. Te piece o advice that he gives to the outsourcing companies is to try to create small teams to develop some products o their own. Te innovation concept may have several orms. A simple search o this word on the site o the magazine, , gives us a ew o its possible acets: Innovation in Big projects, Innovation in I, public-private project, connecting the innovating technologies to the global market, Lean Six Sigma and the management o innovation. Tese are but a ew o the approaches that reveal the endless possibilities o reerence o this concept. As an addition meant to prove the above mentioned materi-alization o the innovative spirit, we pass in review the events that have innovation as a main theme: Startup Weekend Cluj – the most important local event dedicated to the creation o new startups. Te team designated as winner in 2013 was Omnipaste aka Cloud Copy, which is currently in the Deutsch elekom Hub:raum accelerator; Startup Pirates – a new event which offers mentorship to those who wish to create a startup; Cluj Innovation Days – organized by Cluj I Cluster, whose aim is to offer its participants, during the two days, three parallel sessions o presentations on this theme; Innovation Labs 2.0 – a hackaton organized in Bucharest and Cluj. Tus, we also invite you to take part in these events where we hope to see revolutionary ideas which can bring benefits to the Romanian market. he present edition o the magazine puts orth a series o interviews with Radu Georgescu, Philipp Kandal and Alexandru ulai, as well as details on the above mentio-ned events. Te first technical article o the magazine is on the subject o testing, namely:  An Overview on Perormance esting on Desktop Solutions , ollowed by Crafsmanship and Lean Startup , which proposes two possible development stages o an application rom the perspective o an entrepreneur: discovery and implementation. Vagrant   is the title o another article on a technical theme, as well as the name o a powerul tool when we have to deal with virtual machines. Tis issue’s article represents an introduction as well as an overview o its possibilities. Next, there is a new series o technical articles: Restricted Boltzmann Machines, the review o the book  Maven, Te Definitive Guide  and How (not to) measure latency  . Startup marketing: challenges and guiding marks  offers some pieces o advice to young entrepreneurs on how marketing should be done with limited resources. Another article dedicated to startups is the one entitled Cluj I Cluster and Entrepreneurship, which presents the involvement o the Cluster in supporting entrepre-neurship. Te articles dedicated to management continue with Tinking in Kanban, New business development analysis, Business Pitching - the advertising o today’s entrepreneurs. Finally, I would like to mention that the 20 th  issue o oday Sofware Magazine marks 2 years o existence o the magazine. We thank you or being with us and we promise to carry on with many other editions at least equally interesting as the ones till now!!! Enjoy your readings !!! Ovidiu Măţan Founder o Today Sofware Magazine Ovidiu Măţan, PMP ovidiu.matan@todaysoftmag.comEditor-in-chief Today Software Magazine editorial
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