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Natural Disasters: TSUNAMI What do 5B know? Answer: D What can cause a tsunami?  Tsunamis are usually generated by undersea a. Landslide earthquakes at tectonic plate boundaries, but they can b. Underwater earthquake also be triggered by underwater landslides, volcanic c. Volcanic eruption eruptions, or even a giant meteor impact with the d. All of the above ocean.
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  Natural Disasters: TSUNAMI  What do 5B know?  a. Landslideb. Underwater earthquakec. Volcanic eruptiond. All of the above  Answer:D  Tsunamisareusuallygeneratedbyunderseaearthquakesattectonicplateboundaries,buttheycanalsobetriggeredbyunderwaterlandslides,volcaniceruptions,orevenagiantmeteorimpactwiththeocean. What can cause a tsunami?  a.Yesb.No  Answer:B   Anunderseaearthquakecreatesatsunamionlyifitisof sufficientforceandthereisaviolentenoughmovementoftheseafloortodisplaceamassiveamountofwater. Do all undersea earthquakes trigger a tsunami?
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