Tuberculosis: Forgotten but not Gone

Dr. Lee B. Reichman, Founding Executive Director of the New Jersey Medical School Global Tuberculosis Institute and Professor of Medicine for Preventive Medicine and Community Health tells of the deadly impacts of Tuberculosis, though many disregard the severity of the disease, during the 2014 #J2JLungHealth Media Training in Barcelona.
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  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Forgotten But Not Gone J2J Lung Health Media Training Lee B. Reichman, M.D., M.P.H. Barcelona, Spain October 28, 2014  Forgotten But Not Gone TB Historical Permutation ã 17th - 18th centuries TB took 1 in 5 adult lives ã 1850 - 1950 one billion people died of TB ã This decade 2010-2020  – 300 million new infections  – 90 million new cases  – 30 million deaths ã More people died from TB last year than any year in history  Forgotten But Not Gone Estimated number of cases Estimated number of deaths 1.3 million*  (1.3  – 1.6 million) 8.6 million (8.3  – 9.0 million) 450,000 3.6% new, 20% prev. treated (300,000-600,000) out of ~12 million prevalent TB cases All forms of TB Multidrug-resistant TB HIV-associated TB 1.1 million (13%) (1.0  – 1.2 million) 320,000 (400,000  – 460,000) Source: WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2013 * Including deaths attributed to HIV/TB ** Excluding deaths attributed to TB/HIV The Global Burden of TB -2012 170,000 (102,000-242,600) Childhood TB 530,000 (510,000  – 550,000) ~ 6% of the total burden   74,000** (59,000  –  90,000)  Forgotten But Not Gone Incidence Rates, 2011 Highest rates in Africa, linked to high rates of HIV infection ~80% of HIV+ TB cases in Africa Per 100 000 population ≥300  150  – 299 50  – 149 0  – 24 25  – 49
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