Turkish Plays and Their Influence on Pakistani Audience

turkish plays
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  TURKISH PLAYS AND THEIR INFLUENCE ONPAKISTANI AUDIENCE Prepared For: Mr. Umar JeeEnglish DepartmentGovernment College University Lahore Prepared By: Ati Ameer ! #M$hammad %a&a'al ()!Ameer *am+a !!,%$yan Gondal --#ehmina /an'al -00*ai+a Fatima 0!,  Gro$p 1ear 22%emester 222Government College University LahoreDe3em4er (5 6,! ,  TURKISH PLAYS AND THEIR INFLUENCE ONPAKISTANI AUDIENCE   LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION !   7ovem4er 05 6,!Mr. Ati Ameer5 Gro$p Capitan8esear3h Gro$p BGC University LahoreDear Ati Ameer:%$4&e3t: A$thori+ation or the resear3h1o$ are a$thori+ed to do a 3omprehensive resear3h on $r9ish plays and their gro'ing inl$en3e on Pa9istani a$dien3e. 1o$ are dire3ted to s$4mit a long report on this topi3. he p$rposes o yo$r st$dy are:,.o analy+e the reasons 4ehind the elevation o $r9ish plays and their inl$en3e on Pa9istani a$dien3e. .o shed light on the impa3t o high rating o $r9ish plays on indigeno$s plays.!.o determine the pros and 3ons o oreign plays 4eing aired on Pa9istani 3hannels.. o give e' re3ommendations in order to 3$r4 the negative inl$en3e o these  plays on so3iety.2 also re3ommend yo$ to 3arry o$t a general s$rvey in $niversity via ;$estionnaire that 'ill also aid yo$ to 3losely analy+e the vie'point o yo$th to'ards this matter. his is a very good 3han3e or yo$ to $se yo$r analyti3al s9ills and resear3h 3apa4ilities to ded$3e 3on3rete res$lts rom yo$r report. 1o$r report sho$ld 4e s$4mitted to me 4y De3em4er (5 6,!. Please 3onta3t me i yo$ need any $rther assistan3e and 3larii3ation%in3erely5Mr. Umar JeeLe3t$rer5 GC University Lahore


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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