Turmoil Egypt for Critical Perspective

Global issue regarding Prime Minister of Egypt.
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   TURMOIL IN EGYPT: A CRITICALPERSPECTIVE  JUMAIDAH MOHD GAMBAR (MD 121055 )SAHEEDA SALEH (MD )UMMI HURAIZAH RAMIN (MD 121015) SECTION : 2 SEMESTER 2 2013/2014  INTRODUCTION - EGYPT Picture 1: Map of Arab CountriesEgypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula !he Sinai Peninsula is the northeaster e tremity of Egypt and ad#oins $srael and the %a&a Strip on the east !he Sinai is administratively divided into two muḥ  āfaẓ   aḥ s 'governorates(:Sham)l S*n) ʾ  in thenorth and +anb S*n) ʾ  in the south !he peninsula was occupied by $sraeli forces duringthe Si -.ay /ar of +une 102 but was returned to Egypt in 1034 under the terms of the peacetreaty concluded between those countries in 1020 '/i5imedia, 4617( Egypt is considered to be a regional and middle power, with significant cultural, political, and military influence in  8orth Africa, the Middle East and the Muslim world 'Andrew 9 Cooper, Agata Ant5iewic& and !imothy M Shaw, 4662(  CRONOLOGY TURMOIL IN EGYPT Protests started on !uesday, +anuary 4, when -- inspired by the successful revolutionin !unisia -- thousands began ta5ing to the streets to protest poverty, rampant unemployment,government corruption and autocratic governance of President ;osni Mubara5, who has ruledthe country for <6 years !hese were the first protests on such a large scale in Egypt since the1026s =n 11 9ebruary 4611, Mubara5 resigned and fled Cairo +ubilant celebrations bro5eout in Cairo>s !ahrir S?uare at the news '$mam, 4611( !he Egyptian military then assumedthe power to govern'@ir5patric5, 4616( As @nell '4611( said that Mohamed ;ussein!antawi, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed 9orces, became the de facto interimhead of state ';ope  Swinford, 4611( =n 1< 9ebruary 4611, the military dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution 'Bowen, 4611(A constitutional referendum was held on 10 March 4611 =n 43 8ovember 4611,Egypt held its first parliamentary election since the previous regime had been in power!urnout was high and there were no reports of ma#or irregularities or violence 'Memmott,4611( Mohamed Morsi was elected president on 47 +une 4614 'Ben /edeman, .an ivers,;olly Dan, Mohamed 9adel 9ahmy and $an ee, 461<( =n 4 August 4614, Egypt>s PrimeMinister ;isham Fandil announced his < member cabinet comprising 43 newcomersincluding four from the Muslim Brotherhood 'Aiba, 4614( iberal and secular groupswal5ed out of the constituent assembly because they believed that it would impose strict$slamic practices, while Muslim Brotherhood bac5ers threw their support behind Morsi  =n 44 8ovember 4614, President Morsi issued a declaration immuni&ing his decreesfrom challenge and see5ing to protect the wor5 of the constituent assembly '@nell, 4614(!he move has led to massive protests and violent action throughout Egypt 'Spencer, 4614(=n  .ecember 4614, tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of president Morsiclashed, in what was described as the largest violent battle between $slamists and their foessince the country>s revolution 'Charles evinson and Matt Bradley, 4614( Mohamed Morsioffered a Gnational dialogueG with opposition leaders but refused to cancel the .ecember 4614 constitutional referendum '9leishman, 4614(=n <6 +une 461<, massive protests were organi&ed across Egypt against Morsi>s rule,leading to the ousting of Morsi by the military on < +uly 461<, where the military removedMorsi from power in a coup and installed an interim government '.@ir5patric5, 461<( =n 7+uly 461<, 3-year old Egyptian #udge Adly Mansour was sworn in as acting president over the new government following the removal of Morsi =n 13 +anuary 4617, the interimgovernment institutionalised a new constitution !he constitution was supported by 031H bya voter turnout of only <3H '9alconcrest, 4617( ASSESSING THE EGYPT TURMOIL FROM THE CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE !he goal of many Muslims is to establish a worldwide community of believers under an $slamic theocracy Egypt would be the grand pri&e for $slamic revolutionaries /ith 36million people, it is the Arab world>s most populous country After $srael, it also has theregion>s greatest military capability $t also controls one of the world>s 5ey shipping cho5e
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