[Tut] Flare s3 Battery Modding v1

Flare S3 Battery Mod
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  FLARE S3 UNITED GROUP November 29, 2014 Hardware solution on Battery Page 1 FLARE S3 BATTERY MODDING (HARDWARE SOLUTION) INTODUCTION We all do know that the downside feature of this model was the engineering of battery. For a quadcore smartphone like this, the design of the battery is not that perfect. It has only 1800mAh capacity which would only last for 3 to 4 hours in daily normal use (call, text, social site, and some basic games). It needs an external power to play 1 whole movie and 3D games which is not an ideal for phones. Yes, it is written inside the manual that you can use the phone while charging. But I guess you can only do that not in terms of heavy usage. Maybe text or call only. We also know that the Flare S3 was one of the rebranded phones by cherry mobile company. Namely it is a Cubot S208. If you can buy the battery replacement, do not continue on reading this. GOAL Find a better battery replacement for our Flare S3 phone. TOOLS NEEDED 1. Soldering Iron (20 or 30 Watts will do) 2. Solder ( Rubicon #60/40 or 1.2mm) 3. Eagle #205 (flux or known as soldering paste) 4. Sandpaper ( shaving and plaining solder surface) 5. Cutting tool 6. Multi tester (I recommend Digital)  FLARE S3 UNITED GROUP November 29, 2014 Hardware solution on Battery Page 2 MOD REQUIREMENT (Select one) MOD 1: 1. Samsung Galaxy S3 battery 2100mAh (Korea) = For china phone battery. Not for srcinal one (it will only boot up and close again) 2. Wires/connectors (Ribbon/rainbow wire) 3. PCB (Printed Circuit board) MOD 2: 1. Samsung galaxy s4 battery 2600mAh (Original or class A) 2. Slim Armor ( since we cannot close the cover, we will be needing this as an alternative back cover 3. Old Cherry mobile Flare S3 battery ( we need the Circuit of its battery) 4. Wires/Connectors  FLARE S3 UNITED GROUP November 29, 2014 Hardware solution on Battery Page 3 PROCEDURE: MOD 1: 1. Attach the wires on the battery terminal using a soldering iron with soldering lead. Apply heat on the terminal itself for better result. See picture  FLARE S3 UNITED GROUP November 29, 2014 Hardware solution on Battery Page 4 2. Cut a piece of the printed circuit board. You will only need three holes. Use a side cutting pliers then shave every edge of the small 3 hole PCB. see picture 3. Insert the three wire in the hole individually and apply soldering 4. Shave the three terminals until flat is achieved. (for better connection) 5. Warning: You must aware about the proper polarity of each terminal. I AM NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, OVER HEAT and any malfunction that may occur on your phone. If that happens, it means you did not follow what is written in this article. 6. Using a multi meter, Test each terminals if there would be a short circuit. In voltmeter, it will appear an approx of 3.8 or 3.9v DC for new battery without load. 7. Now test it on your phone. AGAIN, please be aware about the polarity. + and  –  sign. For your reference, please see on your old cm battery. Check the right position. 8. Remove the plastic wrapper of the battery so that you can close the back cover. 9. Make a support to fix the battery inside. A masking tape will do.
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