1 Page 1 Cigré SCB1 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TESTING OF LONG AC SUBMARINE CABLES WITH EXTRUDED INSULATION FOR SYSTEM VOLTAGE ABOVE 30 (36) TO 500 (550) KV Convener: Anders Gustafsson Secretary: Johan Karlstrand TUTORIAL B1.27 – TB 490 Page 2 Cigré SCB1 Copyright DISCLAIMER Ownership of a CIGRE publication, whether in paper form or on electronic support only infers right of use for personal purposes. Are prohibited, except if explicitly agreed by CIGRE, total or partial reproduction of the publi
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  1 Page1CigréSCB1 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TESTING OF LONG AC SUBMARINE CABLES WITH EXTRUDED INSULATION FOR SYSTEM VOLTAGE ABOVE > 30 (36) TO 500 (550) KV Convener:Anders GustafssonSecretary:Johan Karlstrand TUTORIAL B1.27 –TB 490 Page2CigréSCB1 Copyright DISCLAIMEROwnershipof a CIGRE publication, whetherin paper form or on electronicsupport onlyinfersright of usefor personal purposes. Are prohibited, exceptifexplicitlyagreedby CIGRE, total or partial reproductionof the publicationfor useotherthanpersonal and transfer to a thirdparty; hencecirculationon anyintranetor othercompanynetworkis forbidden.  2 Page3CigréSCB1 Whynew test recommendations? ã Power ratings of submarine cable links increase, which need higher rated voltages. Electra 189, covered a voltagerange of > 36 -170 kV ã The rationale and background behind the tests needed to be clarified ã The longitudinal water tightness test needed a revision ã Tests of rigid repair joints should be taken into account ã The Technical Brochure aims to provide stakeholders with an improved understanding and quality assurance of testing long  AC submarine extruded cable systems Page4CigréSCB1 ã Examination of relevant IEC standards / CIGRE recommendations and documentation ã The work should adopt a system approach . Particular attention should be paid to repair joints as part of the submarine cable system and the WG should consider tests with external water pressure , heat cycling and mechanical handling (during installation of a repair joint) ã The work should propose development and prequalification tests for the EHV submarine cable system and requalification in case of minor or major changes and define the range of prequalification and type approval for EHV submarine cable systems ã The work should propose tests for long submarine cable lengths -both in the factory and after installation and explain clearly the basis for the recommended tests and the range of application ã The work should include a review of the currently available technologies for submarine cable and  joint design and consider possible implications for testing ã  A Technical Brochure should be prepared for publication ã The work should also include an update of the existing recommendations in Electra 189 for U > 36-170 kV. (added in 2010) Terms of Reference  3 Page5CigréSCB1 Working Group B1.27: Deliverables Page6CigréSCB1 ã  Anders GustafssonSEConvener  ã Johan KarlstrandSESecretary ã  Anders JensenDE ã Christian RemyFR ã GeirClasenNO ã Gianni MiramontiIT ã Harry OrtonCA ã Juan PrietoES ã Robert DonaghyEI ã Ronald GruntjesNL ã SørenKrügerOlsenDK ã TakenoriNakajimaJP ã Work started in Feb 2008 and was finished in Sep 2011 Memberlist ofWG B1.27  4 Page7CigréSCB1 Recommendations for AC submarine cables -History ã Recommendations for mechanical tests on submarine cables o Electra 68  –  1980 Electra 171  –  1997WG B1.43 (2011) ã Recommendations for tests of long lengths of extruded cables o Electra 189  –  2000 (170 kV -extruded) ã Standards for land cables and systems o IEC 60840, IEC 62067, TB 303 ã TB490 follows a System Approach for the whole voltage range> 36 -550 kV TB490 -WG B1.27   Page8CigréSCB1 Submarine cabletesting–Overview SYSTEMTESTPre-QualificationTestTypeTestRoutineTestsSampleTestsWaterPenetration TestMechanicalTestsSYSTEM TESTCOMPONENT TESTSAfterInstallation TestSYSTEM TEST
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