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Twitter Introduces Fabric Platform for Developers

A report on the new 'Fabric' platform introduced by Twitter for developers
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  SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter on Wednesday set out to weave itself into mobile applications wit a free !Fabric! platform to elp developers build better pro rams and ma#e more money$  Twitter cief e%ecutive &ic# Costolo touted Fabric as !te future of mobile software development! wile unveilin te platform at te one'to'many messa in service(s )rst conference for ma#ers of applications for smartpones or tablet computers$ Fabric consists of software tools to tac#le callen es suc as stability and distribution of applications as well as streamlinin user lo ins and placin ads$  Te move could build Twitter functions directly into new mobile apps* wic could reatly e%pand te reac of te messa in platform$  Twitter as been under pressure to build up its ran#s of users* and ma#in itself a lobal foundation for sarin * communicatin * and placin money'ma#in ads wouldput it at te eart of modern day mobile Internet lifestyles$ A #it for ma#in sense of application performance data is built on Twitter'owned Craslytics* wile ad mana ement uses te San Francisco'based company(s +o,ub mobile ad e%can e$ !We started Fabric more tan a year a o to ta#e on* tac#le* and solve callen es faced by developers*! Craslytics co'founder and Twitter product mana er -e. Seibert said durin a #eynote presentation at te Fli t conference for mobile developers$ Fabric puts Twitter at te eart of lettin users sare comments in real'time from inside mini'pro rams and providin a common way for people to lo in* accordin todemonstrations at te day'lon San Francisco conference$ Fabric promised to weave Twitter into all #inds of mobile applications around te world by lettin developers easily build in !tweetin ! and lo in in usin Twitter I&s$ !Notin is as powerful as someone usin your app and wantin to sare a moment of pure /oy bein able to do tat instantly*! Seibert told developers$  Te list of more tan 011 !beta! partners for te Fabric launc included +c&onald(s*Spotify* -awbone* and te Wall Street -ournal$ !We view Twitter as a very complementary news cannel to all of our news brands*! said News Corp senior vice president of strate y Ra/u Narisetti* wose company operates te newspaper$ !Now* our app is part of te conversation people are avin about our /ournalism$!  Fabric is bein used to 2uic#ly detect and )% bu s at streamin music service Spotify* and to let users sare son s* accordin to lobal business ead -or e 3spinel$ !+usic is social and meant to be sared* so avin a simple implementation to avefans sare music via Twitter is critical*! 3spinel said wile ta#in part in te #eynote presentation$ Fabric #its were made available to developers at Fli t and will be rolled out broadlyto te developer community in comin days* accordin to Twitter$ Fun* functional or ip applications are seen as vital to te popularity of smartponesor tablets$
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