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Types of Artificial Gripper Mechanisms

Types of Artificial Gripper Mechanisms
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   Types of Articial Gripper Mechanisms Gripper Mechanisms can be classied into following major categories: 1) Mechanical fnger Grippers - sub-classication is based on method of actuation !) Vacuum and Magnetic Grippers - sub-classication is based on type of the force-e erting elements #) Universal Grippers - sub-classication is in$atable ngers% soft ngers & three ngered grippers Mechanical Finger Grippers Linkage Grippers:  there is no cam% screw% gear There is mo'ement only because of lin(s attached to input and output There must be perfect design of mechanism such that input actuators motion is transformed into the gripping action at the output*ig 1: +in(age Grippers  Gear and Rack Grippers:   mo'ement of input due to gear motion which ma(es connecting lin(s to go in motion to ma(e gripping action at the outputlin( *ig !: Gear and ,ac( Grippers Cam-actuated Grippers:   reciprocating motion of the cam imparts motion to the follower% thus causing ngers to produce a grabbing action A 'ariety of cam proles can be employed- constant 'elocity% circular arcs% harmonic cur'es etc *ig # am-actuated Grippers Screw-driven Grippers:  operated by turning screw% in turn gi'ing motion to connecting lin(s and thus gi'ing griping motion to output .crew motion can be controlled by motor attached  *ig /: .crew-dri'en Grippers  Rpe ! ulle# Grippers:   motor attached to the pulley ma(es the winding and unwinding motion of rope in turn it set gripper action into motion 'ia connecting lin( *ig 0: ,ope & ulley Grippers Vacuum ! Magnetic Grippers Vacuum Grippers:   for non-ferrous components with $at and smooth surfaces% grippers can be built using standard 'acuum cups or pads made of rubber-li(e materials 2ot suitable for components with cur'ed surfaces or with holes  *ig 3: 4acuum Grippers Magnetic Gripper:  used to grip ferrous materials Magnetic gripper uses a magnetic head to attract ferrous materials li(e steel plates The magnetic head is simply constructed with a ferromagnetic core and conducting coils*ig 5: Magnetic Grippers

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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