U2 Story Live Script

A script for the Live story which will be appearing in our news piece for Digital News Production Unit.
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   IN THE STUDIO NEWS  ANCHOR VOSOT (apple deal 5 seconds) 26 seconds seconds 31s total  An innocent act of kindness was not well received by many apple users, as they found a new album on their phone without their consent. The distribution of the album “Songs of innocence” was announced live on stage at the launch event of the new iPhone 6, b y Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Bono, after U2 finished performing their new album. Our technology correspondent ventured out, to see how people have taken to having this album on their device. Mark thanks for joining us, so many people have mixed opinions about receiving this album? LIVE PIECE Canterbury High Street 33s Yes well, a gift delivered to you with no cost sounds great right? But what if it was a gift you had no choice but to accept? One that was simply forced upon you without your consent, whether you wanted it or not. Suddenly it becomes slightly less desirable.  And you might even get a little bit upset. This was exactly the response of many iTunes subscribers after they’d discover  ed U2’s latest album “Songs of Innocence” had been placed automatically onto their device’s.  Earlier today I spoke with some iPhone users, and this is what they had to say….  Canterbury High street VOX POPS 37s There should have been like a tick box or something whether or not you wanted it on there, as, the fact they didn’t do that is a bit, annoying, I don’t particularly want it on my phone.  uh, feels a bit of an invasion of privacy, not the worse kind, uhh, not not to bothered, uhh, but I kinda wished they asked me if it was okay before I think thats a bit strange, yeah, they should have answer pass, or told us about this, because its still taking memory. Canterbury 8s people have also commented on popular social networking sites, both defending and criticising the albums release Twitter  Graphics 23s Positive     U2 do not apologise for the download, best album in years-longtime fan Negative  Wanting everyone to hear you album is not the same as thinking everyone Wants your album Positive  Thank you U2 Bono for the album. Seeing as most appear to be complaining about getting it for nothing. lovely job. Canterbury  U2’s lead singer Bono recen tly issued an apology for the way the album was released. But with apple claiming this to be the biggest record release of all time, you have to ask. Could this become a regular Thing? 
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