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  Javanese Range: A980–A9DF   This file contains an excerpt from the character code tables and list of character names for The Unicode Standard, Version 6.2   This file may be changed at any time without notice to reflect errata or other updates to the Unicode Standard. See  for an up-to-date list of errata. See  for access to a complete list of the latest character code charts.See  for charts showing only the characters added in Unicode 6.2.See  for a complete archived file of character code charts for Unicode 6.2.  Disclaimer  These charts are provided as the online reference to the character contents of the Unicode Standard, Version 6.2 but donot provide all the information needed to fully support individual scripts using the Unicode Standard. For a completeunderstanding of the use of the characters contained in this file, please consult the appropriate sections of The UnicodeStandard, Version 6.2, online at, as well as Unicode Standard Annexes #9,#11, #14, #15, #24, #29, #31, #34, #38, #41, #42, #44, and #45, the other Unicode Technical Reports and Standards, and theUnicode Character Database, which are available online.  See  and   A thorough understanding of the information contained in these additional sources is required for a successfulimplementation.  Fonts  The shapes of the reference glyphs used in these code charts are not prescriptive. Considerable variation is to beexpected in actual fonts. The particular fonts used in these charts were provided to the Unicode Consortium by a numberof different font designers, who own the rights to the fonts.  See for a list.   Terms of Use You may freely use these code charts for personal or internal business uses only. You may not incorporate them eitherwholly or in part into any product or publication, or otherwise distribute them without express written permission fromthe Unicode Consortium. However, you may provide links to these charts.  The fonts and font data used in production of these code charts may NOT be extracted, or used in any other way in anyproduct or publication, without permission or license granted by the typeface owner(s).  The Unicode Consortium is not liable for errors or omissions in this file or the standard itself. Information on charactersadded to the Unicode Standard since the publication of the most recent version of the Unicode Standard, as well as oncharacters currently being considered for addition to the Unicode Standard can be found on the Unicode web site.  See  and   Copyright © 1991-2012 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved.  The Unicode Standard 6.2, Copyright © 1991-2012 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved. A9DF JavaneseA980  A98 A99 A9A A9B A9C A9D $   ꦀ $   ꦁ $   ꦂ $ ꦃ ꦄ ꦅꦆꦇ ꦈꦉꦊ ꦋ ꦌ ꦍ ꦎꦏꦐꦑ ꦒꦓꦔꦕꦖꦗꦘꦙꦚꦛꦜꦝꦞꦟꦠꦡꦢꦣꦤꦥꦦꦧꦨꦩꦪꦫꦬꦭꦮꦯ ꦰ ꦱꦲ $   ꦳ $ ꦴ $ ꦵ $   ꦶ $   ꦷ $   ꦸ $   ꦹ $     ꦺ $     ꦻ $    ꦼ $   ꦽ  $   ꦾ  $    ꦿ $   ꧀ ꧁꧂ ꧃ ꧄ ꧅  ꧆꧇꧈꧉꧊꧋꧌꧍ꧏ꧐꧑꧒ ꧓ ꧔꧕ ꧖ ꧗꧘꧙꧞꧟  A980 A981 A982 A983 A984 A985 A986 A987 A988 A989 A98A A98B A98C A98D A98E A98F A990 A991 A992 A993 A994 A995 A996 A997 A998 A999 A99A A99B A99C A99D A99E A99F A9A0 A9A1 A9A2 A9A3 A9A4 A9A5 A9A6 A9A7 A9A8 A9A9 A9AA A9AB A9AC A9AD A9AE A9AF A9B0 A9B1 A9B2 A9B3 A9B4 A9B5 A9B6 A9B7 A9B8 A9B9 A9BA A9BB A9BC A9BD A9BE A9BF A9C0 A9C1 A9C2 A9C3 A9C4 A9C5 A9C6 A9C7 A9C8 A9C9 A9CA A9CB A9CC A9CD A9CF A9D0 A9D1 A9D2 A9D3 A9D4 A9D5 A9D6 A9D7 A9D8 A9D9 A9DE A9DF 0123456789 ABCDEF  The Unicode Standard 6.2, Copyright © 1991-2012 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved. A9CD JavaneseA980  A9A9  ꦩ JAVANESE LETTER MA  A9AA  ꦪ JAVANESE LETTER YA  A9AB  ꦫ JAVANESE LETTER RA  A9AC  ꦬ JAVANESE LETTER RA AGUNG  A9AD  ꦭ JAVANESE LETTER LA  A9AE  ꦮ JAVANESE LETTER WA  A9AF  ꦯ  JAVANESE LETTER SA MURDA = sha  A9B0  ꦰ  JAVANESE LETTER SA MAHAPRANA = ssa  A9B1  ꦱ JAVANESE LETTER SA  A9B2  ꦲ JAVANESE LETTER HA Sign  A9B3  $   ꦳ JAVANESE SIGN CECAK TELU = nukta Dependent vowel signs  A9B4  $ ꦴ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN TARUNG = aa  A9B5  $ ꦵ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN TOLONG = o  A9B6  $   ꦶ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN WULU = i  A9B7  $   ꦷ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN WULU MELIK  = ii  A9B8  $   ꦸ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN SUKU = u  A9B9  $   ꦹ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN SUKU MENDUT = uu  A9BA  $     ꦺ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN TALING = e  A9BB  $     ꦻ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN DIRGA MURE = ai  A9BC  $    ꦼ JAVANESE VOWEL SIGN PEPET = ae Dependent consonant signs  A9BD  $   ꦽ  JAVANESE CONSONANT SIGN KERET = vocalic r  A9BE  $   ꦾ  JAVANESE CONSONANT SIGN PENGKAL = medial ya  A9BF  $    ꦿ JAVANESE CONSONANT SIGN CAKRA = medial ra Sign  A9C0  $   ꧀  JAVANESE PANGKON = virama Punctuation  A9C1  ꧁ JAVANESE LEFT RERENGGAN  A9C2  ꧂ JAVANESE RIGHT RERENGGAN  A9C3  ꧃  JAVANESE PADA ANDAP  A9C4  ꧄  JAVANESE PADA MADYA  A9C5  ꧅  JAVANESE PADA LUHUR  A9C6  ꧆ JAVANESE PADA WINDU  A9C7  ꧇ JAVANESE PADA PANGKAT  A9C8  ꧈ JAVANESE PADA LINGSA = danda  A9C9  ꧉ JAVANESE PADA LUNGSI = double danda  A9CA  ꧊ JAVANESE PADA ADEG  A9CB  ꧋ JAVANESE PADA ADEG ADEG  A9CC  ꧌ JAVANESE PADA PISELEH  A9CD  ꧍ JAVANESE TURNED PADA PISELEH Various signs  A980  $   ꦀ JAVANESE SIGN PANYANGGA = ardhacandra  A981  $   ꦁ JAVANESE SIGN CECAK  = anusvara  A982  $   ꦂ JAVANESE SIGN LAYAR = repha  A983  $ ꦃ  JAVANESE SIGN WIGNYAN = visarga Letters  A984  ꦄ  JAVANESE LETTER A  A985  ꦅ JAVANESE LETTER I KAWI  A986  ꦆ JAVANESE LETTER I  A987  ꦇ  JAVANESE LETTER II  A988  ꦈ JAVANESE LETTER U  A989  ꦉ JAVANESE LETTER PA CEREK  = vocalic r  A98A  ꦊ  JAVANESE LETTER NGA LELET = vocalic l  A98B  ꦋ  JAVANESE LETTER NGA LELET RASWADI = vocalic ll  A98C  ꦌ  JAVANESE LETTER E  A98D  ꦍ  JAVANESE LETTER AI  A98E  ꦎ JAVANESE LETTER O  A98F  ꦏ JAVANESE LETTER KA  A990  ꦐ JAVANESE LETTER KA SASAK  = qa  A991  ꦑ  JAVANESE LETTER KA MURDA = kha  A992  ꦒ JAVANESE LETTER GA  A993  ꦓ JAVANESE LETTER GA MURDA = gha  A994  ꦔ JAVANESE LETTER NGA  A995  ꦕ JAVANESE LETTER CA  A996  ꦖ JAVANESE LETTER CA MURDA = cha  A997  ꦗ JAVANESE LETTER JA  A998  ꦘ JAVANESE LETTER NYA MURDA = jnya  A999  ꦙ JAVANESE LETTER JA MAHAPRANA = jha  A99A  ꦚ JAVANESE LETTER NYA  A99B  ꦛ JAVANESE LETTER TTA  A99C  ꦜ JAVANESE LETTER TTA MAHAPRANA = ttha  A99D  ꦝ JAVANESE LETTER DDA  A99E  ꦞ JAVANESE LETTER DDA MAHAPRANA = ddha  A99F  ꦟ JAVANESE LETTER NA MURDA = nna  A9A0  ꦠ JAVANESE LETTER TA  A9A1  ꦡ JAVANESE LETTER TA MURDA = tha  A9A2  ꦢ JAVANESE LETTER DA  A9A3  ꦣ JAVANESE LETTER DA MAHAPRANA = dha  A9A4  ꦤ JAVANESE LETTER NA  A9A5  ꦥ JAVANESE LETTER PA  A9A6  ꦦ JAVANESE LETTER PA MURDA = pha  A9A7  ꦧ JAVANESE LETTER BA  A9A8  ꦨ JAVANESE LETTER BA MURDA = bha  The Unicode Standard 6.2, Copyright © 1991-2012 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved. A9DF JavaneseA9CF Syllable reduplicator  A9CF  ꧏ JAVANESE PANGRANGKEP →  0662   arabic-indic digit two Digits  A9D0  ꧐ JAVANESE DIGIT ZERO  A9D1  ꧑ JAVANESE DIGIT ONE  A9D2  ꧒  JAVANESE DIGIT TWO  A9D3  ꧓  JAVANESE DIGIT THREE  A9D4  ꧔ JAVANESE DIGIT FOUR  A9D5  ꧕  JAVANESE DIGIT FIVE  A9D6  ꧖  JAVANESE DIGIT SIX  A9D7  ꧗ JAVANESE DIGIT SEVEN  A9D8  ꧘ JAVANESE DIGIT EIGHT  A9D9  ꧙ JAVANESE DIGIT NINE Ellipsis marks  A9DE  ꧞ JAVANESE PADA TIRTA TUMETES  A9DF  ꧟ JAVANESE PADA ISEN-ISEN
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