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  Occupied UC Berkeley 09  (The Necrosocial: Civic Life, Social Death, and the UC;/! #/$$/$#/the%necrosocial/&n this 'raveard o)r actions will never to)ch, will never *ecoe the cond)itsof a oveent, if we reain peranentl *arricaded within prescri*ed identit cate'ories+o)r force will *e dependent on the liited spaces of reco'nition *)ilt *etween )s. ere we are at odds with one another sociall, each of )s: st)dents, fac)lt, sta-, hoe*)s, activists, police, chancellors, adinistrators, *)rea)crats, investors, politicians, fac)lt/ sta-/ hoe*)s/ activists/ police/ chancellors/ adinistrators/ *)rea)crats/ investors/ politicians%to%*e. That is, we are st)dents, or st)dents of color, or )eer st)dents of color, or fac)lt, or hilosoph 0ac)lt, or 1ender and 2oen St)dies fac)lt, or we are c)stodians, or we are shift leaders+each with o)r own o3ce, place, tie, and 'iven eanin'. 2e for teas, cl)*s, fraternities, ajors, departents, schools, )nions, ideolo'ies, identities, and s)*c)lt)res+and than4f)ll each 'ro)p 'ets its own desi'nated *)rial plot. 2ho doesn5t participate in this 'raveard6&n the )niversit we prostrate o)rselves *efore a val)e of separation, which inrealit translates to a val)e of doination. 2e spend one and ener' trin' to convince o)rselves we5re *ri'hter than everone else. Soehow, we thin4, we possess soe trait that eans we deserve ore than everone else. 2e have eas)red o)rselves and we have eas)red others. &t sho)ld never feel terri*le orderin' others aro)nd, ri'ht6 &t sho)ld never feel terri*le to dia'nose people as an e7pert, ana'e the as a *)rea)crat, test the as a professor, e7tract val)e fro their capital as a *)sinessan. &t sho)ld feel 'ood, 'ratifin', copletin'. &t is o)r private wet drea for the f)t)re; everwhere, in everone this sae drea of doination. 8fter all, we are intelli'ent, st)dio)s, o)n'. 2e wor4ed hard to *e here, we deserve this.2e are convinced, owned, *ro4en. 2e 4now their val)es *etter than the do:life, li*ert, the p)rs)it of happiness. This tri)virate of sacred val)es are o)rs of co)rse, and in this oent of practiced theater+the 9'ht *etween the )niversit and its own st)dents+we have )sed their words on their sta'es: Save p)*lic ed)cation2hen those val)es are violated * the ver instit)tions which are created to protect the, the veneer fades, the tired set collapses: and we call it inj)stice, we 'et indi'nant. 2e deand j)stice fro the, for the to adhere to their val)es. 2hat an have learned a'ain and a'ain is that these instit)tions don5t care for those val)es, not at all, not for all. 8nd we areonl *e'innin' to )nderstand that those val)es are not even o)r own. The val)es create pop)lar ia'es and ideals (healthcare, deocrac, e)alit, happiness, individ)alit, p)llin' o)rself )p * o)r *ootstraps, p)*lic ed)cation while the ean in practice the sellin' of coodi9ed identities, the state5s onopol on violence, the e7pansion of ar4ets and capital acc))lation, the r)le of propert, the r)le of e7cl)sions *ased on  race, 'ender, class, and doination and h)iliation in 'eneral. The sell the practice thro)'h the ia'e. 2e5re ta)'ht we5ll live the ia'es once we accept the practice. Occupied UC Berkeley 09  (The Necrosocial: Civic Life, Social Death, and the UC;/! #/$$/$#/the%necrosocial/Social death is o)r *anal acceptance of an instit)tion5s eanin' for o)r own lac4 of eanin'. &t5s the positions we tho)'htlessl enact. &t5s the partic)lar nat)re of *ein' owned.Social r)pt)re is the initial divorce *etween the owners and the owned.8 social oveent is a f)nction of war. 2ar contains the a*ilit to create a new frae, to *)ild a new tension for the a'ents at pla, new dnaics in the*attles *oth for the eanin' and the aterial. 2hen we ove witho)t a ret)rn to their tired eanin', to their tired con9')rations of the aterial, we are en'a'in' in war.&t is Nove*er ! #. 0or an end to the val)es of social death we need r)pt)res and self%propelled, )nana'ed oveents of wild *odies. 2e need,we desire occ)pations. 2e are an anta'onistic dead. Tal4 to o)r friends, ta4e over roos, ta4e over as an of these dead *)ildin's. 2e will 9nd one another The 1AC Can Never Solve; They’re Grounded In The Univeri!y #nurin$ Their S!ra!e$y %ain!ain In!erpaivi!y And &ail Occupied UC Berkeley 09  (The Necrosocial: Civic Life, Social Death, and the UC;/! #/$$/$#/the%necrosocial/e and his loo4 forward to a reprod)ction of the lo'ic of representative 'overnance, the release valve of the )niversit pl)n'es )s into an a*ss where ideas are wisps of ether+that is, eanin' is ripped fro action. Let5s tal4 a*o)t the 9'ht endlessl, *)t alwas onl in their ana'ed for: to perpet)all deli*erate, the endless <eshin'%o)t%of+when we p)sh the *o)ndaries of this for the are )ic4 to recon9')re theselves to contain )s: the chancellor5s con'rat)lations, the reopenin' of the li*raries, the ana'ed 'eneral asse*l+there is no 9'ht a'ainst the adinistration here, onl its own e7tension.=ach da passes in this wa, the adinistration on the loo4 o)t to shape st)dent disco)rse+it happens witho)t pa)se, we don5t notice nor do we care  to. &t *ecoes *anal, tho)'htless. So )ch so that we see we are acc))latin' das: one seester, two, how close to *ein' this or that, how far6 This acc))lation is o)r shared histor. This acc))lation+ever once in a while interr)pted, violated * a riot, a wild protest, )nfor'etta*le f)c4in',the overwhelin' jo of love, life shatterin' heart*rea4+is a )ted, *)t desiro)s life. 8 dead *)t restless and desiro)s life. The )niversit steals and hoo'eni>es o)r tie es, o)r *an4 acco)nts also, *)t it also steals and hoo'eni>es eanin'. 8s )ch as capital is invested in *)ildin' a 4illin' apparat)s a*road, an incarceration apparat)s in California, it is e)all invested here in an apparat)s for ana'in' social death. Social death is, of co)rse, sipl the power so)rce, the 'enerator, of civic life with its tal4 of refor, responsi*ilit, )nit. 8 ?life,5 then, which serves erel as the p)*lic relations echanis for death: its 'arr)lo)s slo'ans of freedo and deocrac desi'ned to o*sc)re the shit and deca inwhich o)r feet are planted. @es, the )niversit is a 'raveard, *)t it is also a factor: a factor of eanin' which prod)ces civic life and at the sae tie prod)ces social death. 8 factor which prod)ces the ill)sion that eanin' and realit can *e separated; which everwhere reprod)ces the ept reactionar *ehavior of st)dents *ased on the val)es of life (identit, li*ert (electoral politics, and happiness (private propert. =verwhere the sae whisical ideas of the f)t)re. =verwhere deocrac. =verwhere disco)rse to shape o)r desires and distress in a wa accepta*le to the electoral state, disco)rse desi'ned to a4e o)r ver oents here to'ether into a set of le'i*le and fr)itless deands. Totall ana'ed death. 8 achine for adinisterin' death, for the proliferation of technolo'ies of death. 8s elsewhere, thin's r)le. Dead o*jectsr)le. &n this sense, it atters little what face one p)ts on the )niversit+whether @)dof or soe other lac4e. These are erel the personi9cations of the r)le of the dead, the pools of investents, the *)ildin's, the <ows of aterials into and o)t of the phsical space of the )niversit+each one the prod)ct of soe e7ploitation+which see4 to a*sor* ore of o)r wor4, ore t)ition, ore ener'. The )niversit is a achine which wants to 'row, to acc))late, to e7pand, to a*sor* ore and ore of the livin' into its pec)liarand perverse achiner: hi'h%tech research centers, new stadi)s and o3cecople7es. 8nd at this critical j)nct)re the onl wa it can contin)e to 'row is* ore intense e7ploitation, hi'her t)ition, a)sterit eas)res for the departents that fail to pass the test of ?relevanc.5A)t the ?irrelevant5 departents also have their place. 2ith their ?p)re5 otives of 4nowled'e for its own sa4e, the perpet)ate the *lind inertia of eanin' ostensi*l detached fro its social conte7t. 8s the )niversit c)ltivates its co> relationship with capital, war and power, these disco)rses and research pro'ras pla their own role, co%optin' and containin' radical potential. 8nd so we attend lect)re after lect)re a*o)t how ?disco)rse5 prod)ces ?s)*jects,5 i'norin' the ost o*vio)s fact that we o)rselves are prod)ced * this disco)rse a*o)t disco)rse which leaves )s *elievin' that it is onl words which atter, words a*o)t words which atter. The )niversit 'ladl perits the preca)tionar lect)res on *iopower; on the prod)ction of  race and 'ender; on the rei9cation and the fetishi>ation of coodities. 8 taste of the poison serves well to inoc)late )s a'ainst an confrontational radicalis. 8nd all the while power weaves the invisi*le nets which contain and ne)trali>e all tho)'ht and action, that *ind revol)tion inside *oo4s, lect)re halls.


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Jul 23, 2017
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