UN Police Handbook

This Handbook has been designed to assist UN Police with the essential work-related reference points to allow them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. The Handbook begins by providing insight to the concepts of peace operations and the role of the Police Division in NewYork. Most importantly, it proceeds to lay down the responsibilities and principles of performance for UN police officers and the nature of the various tasks and functions assigned to the UN Police around the world in different peace-support environments.
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  UNITED NATIONSPOLICE HANDBOOK     U   N   I   T   E   D   N   A   T   I   O   N   S   P   O   L   I   C   E   H   A   N   D   B   O   O   K UNITED NATIONSDEPARTMENT OF PEACEKEEPING OPERATIONS “Building institutional  police capacity in post-conflict environments”  UNITED NATIONS POLICE HANDBOOK “Building institutional police capacity in post-conflict environments”  United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations  UNITED NATIONS POLICE HANDBOOK  Building Institutional Police Capacity in Post Conflict Environment  TheUnitedNationsPoliceHandbookisdistributedbytheDepartmentof Peacekeeping Operations/Police Division.Draft: Jørgen Breinstrup, Karl-Georg Andersson, Harry Broer,Paolo Coletta, Jose A. Diaz de Tuesta y Diez.UN/223/TH/CIPO95 Acknowledgements  Aspecial thanks to :United Nations Situation Centre: Daily Report Guide andWriting Style Guide.United Nations Office at Vienna: United Nations Criminal JusticeStandards for Peace-keeping Police. Copyright © United Nations 2005 ThisdocumentenjoyscopyrightunderProtocol2oftheUniversalCopy-right Convention. Nevertheless, the Member States’ governmentalauthorities mayfreelyphotocopythis document for exclusive use withintheir training institutes. However, no portion of this document may bereproduced for resale or mass publication without the express consent,in writing, from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations/PoliceDivision. No part of the documents may be stored in a retrieval systemwithout the prior authorisation of the Department of Peace-keepingOperations/Police Division.801 United Nations Plaza -New York, NY 10017 -USAPhone: (212) 963-8651 -Fax: (212) 963-9061 October 2005 Design and production: MDP, International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin, Italy 
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