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Undergraduate Orientation Presented by the Academic Advising Center Temple University, Japan Campus Updated: 02/12/2016 Introducing the Academic Advising Center (AAC) Academic Advising Center (AAC) The
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Undergraduate Orientation Presented by the Academic Advising Center Temple University, Japan Campus Updated: 02/12/2016 Introducing the Academic Advising Center (AAC) Academic Advising Center (AAC) The Role of Your Academic Advisor o Help you understand the benefits and/or consequences of your academic decisions Assist you in developing a path towards graduation Provide accurate information about university policies, procedures, resources and programs Academic Advising Center (AAC) Location: Temple University, Japan Campus Azabu Hall 1F Open Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday ~ Friday Further Roles of Academic Advising Center (AAC) Intra-University Transfer (IUT) IUT Requirements GPA above 2.0 Completion of English 0802/0812 Matriculation Previous semester with full-load of courses at TUJ Check with AAC if you plan on doing non-tuj major IUT Information Sessions 2 nd or 3 rd Week of Fall and Spring semester reminders will be sent out to all students Credit Exchange with Japanese Universities University Partnerships: o Meiji University (School of Arts and Letters) o Toyo University (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) o Musashi university Credits will transfer back to TUJ Student must have completed 1 st semester at TUJ No extra tuition for those credits Recommended especially for Japanese, Asian Studies, International Affairs majors Disability Resources and Services (DRS) Mission Ensure that students with a disability and their peers have equal access to the full university experience. All students are entitled to the same chance to achieve the goals of a Temple education. * Each student has the choice and the responsibility to disclose his/her disability Steps to receive official accommodations at TUJ 1. Visit the AAC (TUJ Student Disabilities Officer) 2. Register with DRS online 3. Skype meeting with DRS representative on Main Campus 4. Inform relevant instructors each semester of DRS accommodations via provided DRS letter Graduation Requirements Reference the TUJ Website Link: 4 Graduation Requirement Categories Bachelor s Degree GenEd Requirements Major Requirements Electives - Double Major / Minor - Certificate - Internships - Personal Interests - Foreign Language College/School Requirements credits total Electives Note: Associates Degree [A.A.] (62 credits total) credits in 4 years!? Temple Main Campus Fall Spring Summer 5 courses (15-16 credits) 5 courses (15-16 credits) Temple Japan Campus 0 courses (0 credits) Fall Spring Summer 4 courses (12-13 credits) 4 courses (12-13 credits) 3 courses (9-10 credits) General Education (GenEd) Requirements GenEd Course Link: GenEd Course Link: Students must fulfill the requirement for each one of the GenEd categories * Students must take 2 Science & Technology (GS) Courses Students must earn a C- or better to successfully complete GenEd requirements * Analytical Reading & Writing (GW) English GenEd Sequence (Depending on Placement Test results and transfer credits) English 0701/0711* Preparatory course English 0802/0812* (GW) [prerequisite for any level courses] Intellectual Heritage (IH) 0851 Mosaics 1 Intellectual Heritage (IH) 0852 Mosaics 2 *Eng 701 and 802 are for native speakers of English Eng 711 and 812 are for non-native ESL students Quantitative Literacy (GQ) Math GenEd Sequence (Depending on Placement Test results and transfer credits) IBS and Economics Math 0701 Computer Science Math 0701 Other Majors Math 0701 Math 1021 Math 1021 GQ Math 1031 (GQ) Math 1031 (GQ) Math 2031 Foreign Language Requirement Major FL 1 FL 2 FL 3 FL 4 Note Asian Studies X X X X East Asian Language Communication Studies N/A N/A N/A N/A Thesis Track requires FL IBS X X X X International Affairs X X X X East Asian Language Economics X X X or GG N/A General Studies X X X or GG N/A Psychological Studies X X X or GG N/A Political Science X X X or GG N/A Art X X N/A N/A Major Requirements Major Requirements Link: Major Requirements MAJOR MINOR CERTIFICATE Art Art - Asian Studies Asian Studies - Communication Studies - - Economics Economics - General Studies - - International Affairs (IA) - - International Business Studies (IBS) General Business Studies - Japanese Language Japanese Japanese Political Science Political Science Political Economy Psychological Studies Psychology - Please confirm your intended major with the AAC. Once you complete your first semester with 2.0 or above GPA, you can change your major by completing Change of Program Form available at the AAC Major Requirements Change Majors Requirements: Cumulative GPA 2.0 or above Completion of first semester Meet deadline each semester for change to reflect for following semester Form: Change of Program Form at AAC online form to AAC College Requirements Colleges & Schools at TUJ College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Tyler School of Art School of Media and Communication (SMC) College of Science and Technology (CST) *2+2 program CLA (College of Liberal Arts) 123 total credits required for graduation 2.0 GPA within College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and College of Science and Technology (CST) 45 credits of Upper level Liberal Arts electives (6 credits must be outside your major division: Social Science/Humanities) CLA (College of Liberal Arts) Majors under College of Liberal Arts Major Asian Studies Economics General Studies International Affairs International Business Studies Japanese Political Science Psychological Studies General Program(Associate) Major Coordinator Jeffrey Kingston Hady Kahy Jonathan Wu James Brown William Swinton Ryoko Osada Masaki Kakizaki Suzi Zimmerman Academic Advising Center Art (Tyler School of Art) Major coordinator: Shinya Watanabe / Kaoru Sakurai 123 total credits required for graduation Requirements include: Digital studio courses Non-Digital studio courses Art History courses 5 Upper level Liberal Arts electives required If you wish to transfer studio courses from another institution, you must submit portfolios to the major coordinator Communication Studies (School of Media and Communication) Major coordinator: Ron Carr 124 total credits required for graduation Interdisciplinary Major with Requirements from: Media Studies department Journalism department Strategic Communication department Film and Media Arts department Theater department Maximum of 27 credits in any one department Computer Science (2+2 Program) (College of Science and Technology) Coordinator at TUJ: AAC *Student must consult with AAC in order to prepare for transferring to Main Campus by the given time frame 123 total credits required for graduation Upper level electives 45 credits required Complete GenEd and foundational requirements at TUJ Major requirements to be complete at TUJ include: Math 1021 Math 1031 CIS 1001 CIS 1068 CIS 1166 Academic Policies Grades and GPA Link: https://www.tuj.ac.jp/ug/academics/policies-and-procedures/policies/grades.html Letter Grades and GPA Equivalency A 4.00 Excellent A B B 3.00 Good B C C 2.00 Fair C D D 1.00 D-.67 Passing F.00 Failed Credit / No Credit CR NC Equivalent to A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, or D- Equivalent to F Notes: D- is a passing grade for credit A minimum grade of C- is required in General Education courses A minimum grade of C- is required for most Major Requirement Courses (C for Communication Studies Courses) Course Repeat Link: https://www.tuj.ac.jp/ug/academics/policies-and-procedures/policies/repeating-a-course.html Repeating a Course To retake the same course number Students may repeat a course to earn a higher grade Only highest grade will be used to calculate GPA Students cannot repeat a course more than twice (exceptions: Math 0701, Eng 0802/0812, IH 0851/0852) Fall Semester Eng 0802 Grade: D+ GPA: 1.33 Spring Semester Eng 0802 Grade: A GPA: 4.00 Academic Standing Link: https://www.tuj.ac.jp/ug/academics/policies-and-procedures/policies/academic-warning.html Academic Good Standing Semester GPA is above 2.0 Cumulative GPA is above 2.0 Academic Warning Semester GPA is below 2.0 Cumulative GPA is below 2.0 (Less than 30 total earned credits) Must meet with an Academic Adviser to receive PIN to register online Academic Probation Cumulative GPA is below 2.0 (More than 30 total earned credits) Must meet with an Academic Adviser Cannot register online will need to register via form at AAC Withdrawing from a Course Withdraw: - To discontinue attendance in a course after the first 2 weeks - The course is recorded on the transcript with the notation of W - Students are financially responsible for withdrawn courses - A processing fee of 5,400 yen will be charged each time Withdrawal with Approved Excuse (WE) Withdrawal with Approved Excuse: - An approved petition to withdraw from a course due to medical, catastrophic or other circumstances beyond the student's control - The course is recorded on the transcript with the notation of WE - Students are financially responsible for WE courses - WE can be processed retroactively within 1 year If a student is faced with a situation that is beyond a student's control which inhibits continued attendance in a semester, Please consult with BOTH the AAC and individual instructors Leave of Absence (LOA) vs Re-Enrollment Degree-seeking, full-time students may petition for the Leave of Absence (LOA) toward the following Fall / Spring semester If students take a semester off without completing the LOA process, they will become inactive and lose access to university resources and LOA privileges For inactive students to return to TUJ, they must go through a re-enrollment process. These students must follow the most recent degree requirements. Therefore, it may require longer to graduate, should requirement(s) change while you are away. Other TUJ Departments [Tuition Payment] Bursar s Office / / 1 st Floor, Azabu Hall) - After paying tuition, students can receive a semester sticker for your IC card here [Student Visa / Financial Aid / Activities & Clubs / Housing] Office of Student Services / / 1 st Floor, Azabu Hall) [Tutoring] The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) / Azabu Hall 209) [Japanese and Critical Languages Programs] Professor Ryoko Osada / / 1 st Floor, Azabu Hall) [GI Bill] Registrar s Office / / 1 st Floor, Azabu Hall) Final Thoughts: Be Proactive!! Please consult with your Major Coordinator and the AAC to develop a path towards graduation AAC is here to answer any questions regarding Academics Students may come to the AAC in person or ask simple questions via to: For more complex questions/advising, students may make appointments in person at the AAC or via For correspondence with AAC, please use your TuMail Include your: Name Tuid # Major Registration Deadlines for Registration Link: Making Changes to your Schedule Adding courses: The last day to ADD a course is by the end of the first business week of the semester For new students who did not register during orientation, a late registration fee of 5,400 yen will be charged when you enroll during the first week of the semester. Dropping courses: Drop: To remove a course from his/her transcript. A student is not financially responsible for dropped courses. The last day to DROP a course is by the end of the second business week of the semester For specific dates for Add/Drop deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar: Step 1) Placement Test Results English X : Start with the course marked Exempt : Start with Mosaics I (IH 851) Math Y : Student is able to take course X : Highest level course student can take Notes for Transfer Students Any transferred courses will take priority over your TUJ Placement Test results. (EXCEPT for foreign language courses) Step 2) Review Transfer Credits GenEd Requirements Major Requirements Total Credits Why didn t my credits transfer?? GenEd Requirements Turn in Syllabus to AAC Some courses the AAC may advise for re-evaluation are noted at the bottom of your summary sheet copy Turn in Syllabus to Major Coordinator Major Requirements Step 2) Review Transfer Credits What does 45+ mean? If you transferred to Temple University with more than 45 credits: Only need to take one GenEd Science course (GS) * * Only need to take one Mosaic/Intellectual Heritage class (GY: IH 0851 or GZ: IH 0852) instead of two. Can choose two out of the GenEd Art (GA), Human Behavior (GB), and U.S. Society (GU) courses. What does 45/60 mean? Temple University requires all undergraduate degree candidates complete 45 credits of the last 60 credits of the degree or program as matriculated students at Temple University. To graduate with Latin Honors, a student must complete at least 60 credits of the program matriculated at Temple. Step 3) Course Schedule TUJ Home Page - Current Students - Course Schedule CRN #s Filter by: Department GenEd Day & Time Course Numbering System Preparatory Courses General Education Courses Lower-level courses Upper-level courses Lower-level Upper-level English 0802/0812 is prerequisite for any upper-level ( ) courses Specially numbered courses xxx0 Special topics xx96, xx97, xx98 Writing-intensive courses Prerequisites (PRs) Become familiar with The TUJ Course System! Check PRs for all courses before registering Under Special Info in Course Schedule If you meet the PRs but an Error message appears, please inquire to the AAC General Prerequisite English 0802/0812: upper-level ( ) course PR Sample First Semester 1. English composition (GW) 2. GenEd (GA, GB, GD, GQ, GS, GU) 3. Major or Prospective Major 4. Foreign Language or World Society (GG) Full-time Credit Requirements (for Visa/Financial Aid, etc.) Fall & Spring 12 Credits Summer 9 Credits Students waived from GG: TUJ Student Visa sponsored students Students who earned at least 3 transfer credits from a university outside of the country of the student s citizenship Registration for Next Semester Temple University policy requires first semester students to meet with an academic advisor in order to register for the following semester. 1) Check your priority registration date (announcement via ) 2) Make appointment in person or via with AAC before priority date 3) Meet with advisor to pick courses and receive PIN # 4) Register the courses picked on your priority registration date Advising Session Report Advising Session Report Advising Session Report : Notes from advising sessions at the Academic Advising Center (AAC) These notes contain information about what was discussed in the session and which courses were selected PIN #s PIN # : Access code for registration After the one-on-one meeting with the advisor about the following semester, you will receive your PIN # via the Advising Session Report
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