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Understanding concepts of peace & conflict:Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Skills.

This module is designed to introduce and engage learners on the fundamental foundations of what peace and conflict are and how to appreciate its use in their day to day activities of their chosen professions. The below are the lists of what learners
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  A Capacity Building Training on Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Skills. Center For Human Development Prepared by Martins Oladipo  EXPECTED OUTCOME ON MODULE ONE • THIS MODULE IS DESIGNED TO INTRODUCE AND ENGAGE PARTICIPANTS ON THE FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATIONS OF WHAT PEACE AND CONFLICT  ARE AND HOW TO APPRECIATE ITS USE IN THEIR DAY TO DAY ACTIVITIES OF THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSIONS. THE BELOW ARE THE LISTS OF WHAT PARTICIPANTS WOULD LEARN FROM THIS MODULE   • THE MYTH BEHIND PEACE AND CONFLICT. • DENFINITIONS • ROOT CAUSES OF CONFLICT • TYPES OF PEACE • HOW TO ACHIEVE PEACE- INTEGREDIENTS OF PEACE • THE NEXUS BETWEEN PEACE, CONFLICT, DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP  THE MYTH BEHIND THE PEACE AND CONFLICT   When you hear the word conflict what comes to your mind? ……Conflict is evil … ..and destructive to humans 9/3/2014 3 Sourced from Google search index image: &  THE MYTH BEHIND THE PEACE AND CONFLICT   • When you hear the word peace what comes to your mind? Peace is good ……..  but it is elusive. 9/3/2014 Sourced from Google search index & 4  FACTS ABOUT PEACE & CONFLICT •  Conflict is an inevitable part of human existence.   •  The world by creation is conflict intrinsic.  


May 17, 2018
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