Unilever Hellman's Survey Questions - Hampton Creek

Unilever Hellman's Survey Questions - Hampton Creek
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  Case 2:14-cv-06856-WHW-CLW Document 10-4 Filed 11/07/14 Page 1 of 14 PageID: 99 EXHI IT  Case 2:14-cv-06856-WHW-CLW Document 10-4 Filed 11/07/14 Page 2 of 14 PageID: 100   Mayo Jar Study i Study Information: Capture All Screening Data: Yes Landing Page: ACOP Disable Back Button: Yes Image Encryption: No IMPERIUM * Copied from 20140304 but act as new study * Sample Specifications: Sample Source: ACOP Screener In centive: 15 Surv ey Incentive: 300 I nglish Project : 20140370 Date: 8/23/2014 :52 PM Created By: Christopher Young Team Name: dis HD awson-Owens Version : DE V 1270064 Type: Screener Su rvey Description of Sample: Nat Rep. 50+DC, M/F ages 18+. Pass thru gender, state, and date of birth. Exclude Marketing, Marketing Research, and Advertising. Coding Summary: Code : Code and Verbatim: Verbatim: 02_ 1, 03_ 1, 05_ 1, 06_ 1 P Login Page L Login Login Question L . Please enter your first name and email address in the boxes below . First Name: Email Address: f ' · .... ~~~~~~~~~~~ Press to Login {Coding Instructions = Verbatim} {Coding Instructions = Verbatim}  Case 2:14-cv-06856-WHW-CLW Document 10-4 Filed 11/07/14 Page 3 of 14 PageID: 101 Logic During Page Submit: Log the respondent into the survey which will open a new window . If the respondent fails to login they will stay on the login page ã . P2 Intro Page T16 ACOP Introduction Dear {{respondent.first_name}}: Thanks for agreeing to complete this brief screening questionnaire. Your account will be credited {{respondent.screener_amount}} Points within two weeks once you complete this screener. HTML Text Block Your individual answers will be anonymous and strictly confidential, of course. Once you answer all o the questions o a page, please click on the Continue button. T7 lmperium --- ··· P4 Gender Page S Gender Logic Instructions: MUST MATCH PANEL DATA OTHERWISE DN Ql - SKIP TO CLOSE S1. Are you ... (Choose One Answer) 1 - r Male Female PS State FIPS US Only Page S2 State FIPS US Only HTML Text Block Single Response Drop Down Question  Case 2:14-cv-06856-WHW-CLW Document 10-4 Filed 11/07/14 Page 4 of 14 PageID: 102 Logic Instructions: MUST BE INSI E THE US NOT CODE 99 ; OTHERWISE, DN Q f - SKIP TO CLOSE MUST MATCH PANEL DATA; OTHERWISE, DN Ql - SKIP TO CLOSE S2  n which state o you reside? Choose One Answer From The Drop-Down Box Below) I hoose One Answer {S 2-1} 1 -Alabama 2 Alaska 4 -Arizona 5 -Arkansas 6 -California 8 -Colorado 9 -Connecticut 1 o - Delaware 11 -District of Columbia 12 -Florida 13 -Georgia 15 -Hawaii 16 -Idaho 17 -Illinois 18 -Indiana 19 -Iowa 2 -Kansas 21 -Kentucky 22 -Louisiana 23 -Maine 24 -Maryland 25 -Massachusetts 26 -Michigan 27 -Minnesota 28 -Mississippi 29 -Missouri 3 -Montana 31 -Nebraska 32 -Nevada 33 -New Hampshire 34 -New Jersey 35 -New Mexico 36-New York 37 -North Carolina 38 -North Dakota 39 -Ohio 4 -Oklahoma 41 -Oregon 42 -Pennsylvania 44 -Rhode Island 45 -South Carolina 46 -South Dakota 47 -Tennessee 48 -Texas 49 -Utah 5 -Vermont 51 -Virginia 53 -Washington 54 - West Virginia 55 - Wisconsin 56-Wyoming 99 -Outside of the U.S.
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