Unit 1 Lesson 1,2,3 Worksheet

COQUITLAM OPEN LEARNING Biology 11 PLO B1: Classification & Taxonomy Worksheet UNIT 1 LESSON 1-3 STUDENT NAME:Alston Li DATE OF SUBMISSION:6th November 2014 1) Discuss three reasons for classifying things . You can use examples in your home and/or examples in your day-to-day life and/or in the scientific community. (3 marks) 1.We can define them easily if the classify them into categories. i.e food and stationary. 2.We can only use the category i.e. Food, not so difficult like potato chips. 3.W
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  COQUITLAM OPEN LEARNINGBiology 11 PLO B1: Classification & Taxonomy Worksheet     UNIT 1 LESSON 1-3 STUDENT NAME:Alston LiDATE OF SUBMISSION: t!  No #$%#& '(1) 1* Discuss three reasons for classifying things  !ou can use examles in your home an#$or examles in your #ay%to%#ay life an#$or in the scientific community ' marks( 1.We can defne them easily i the classiy them into categories. i.e ood and stationary.2.We can only use the category i.e. Food, not so dicult like potato chips.3.We can put them in a row to let us to fnd them easily. '* +,  List the fi)e king#oms in or#er of generally accete# comlexity least comlex to most comlex( *+ marks( MonerarotistFungilant!nimal %,  Come u ,ith your o,n acronym for these fi)e king#oms -+ marks( Magic Professor Find Play Astronaut 3* +,  List an# #escri.e the se)en le)els of classification starting ,ith/ing#om an# en#ing ,ith the most secific le)el  '+ marks(   1. ingdom#s an e$tremely large %road category o classifcation. #s the highest rank %elow domain.2. hylum&e'eral classes will %e grouped together and placed into a phylum(pl. hyla). !lthough all the organisms may look dramatically Biology 111 of 3  di*erent they all share some key characteristics.3. +lass -rders are grouped into classes.For e$ample all mem%ers o the -rder +arni'ora share characteristics such as %eing warm %looded, ha'e %ody hair and produce milk or their young. hey are grouped with humans and chimps (-rder rimata) into the +lass Mammalia./. -rderFamilies o similar organisms are grouped into -rders and is the ne$t largest ta$on.0. Family his is a larger ta$on than a genus with animals or plants that are similar to each other and yet are ound in di*erent genera.. enera (enus)# two species share many eatures %ut are clearly separate %iological units they are classifed as di*erent species within the same genus.. &pecies he smallest ta$on that descri%es a population that share similar characteristics44%ut most importantly caninter%reed with each other. %,  Come u ,ith your o,n acronym for these se)en le)els  -+ marks(   Keith   Plan Cut   Onion For   Great     Shrimp )* +,  List an# #escri.e the three #omains of classification  ' marks(    he three domains are   5acteria, !rchaea, and 6ukarya.hey appeared to %e prokaryotic and so were   considered %acteria and named 7archae%acteria7   (8ancient8 %acteria). 9owe'er, it %ecame o%'ious rom %iochemical characteristics and :;! se<uence analysis that   there were numerous di*erences %etween these archae%acteria and other %acteria . #t was reali=ed that these archae%acteria were   more closely related to the eukaryotes than to %acteria. oday, these %acteria ha'e %een renamed   !rchaea . Biology 112 of 3  %,  Why is this classification system gro,ing in accetance .y taxonomists0  1 marks( In order to classify organisms biologists use the evolutionary history   of the organism. Linnaeus focused on morphology or the phenotype (what the organism looks like) of an organism when classifying them. The phenotype is controlled by the genotype . Although there was very little understanding of genetics or of the mechanism of inheritance during Linnaeus' time, he was quite accurate in his phylogenetic classification. He devised a nested hierarchy/taxa of 7 different levels of organization. TOTL: $12 Biology 113 of 3
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