Unit 2 Son Trang

Strategy Management Assignment
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  Running head: UNIT II ASSIGNMENT   1Unit II Assignment MBA 5101-12J-11Trang Thanh Sn! um#ia Suthern Uni$ersit%  UNIT II ASSIGNMENT2 Introduction I&ea is a 'r d'ide (ri$ate % he d rgani)atin* The rgani)atin is ((u ar +r its s id s,ia and e, gi,a strateg%* Their greatest resur,e is the (i,ture + $a ue and mderateness +urthermre ,m(a,tness and mre (rminent st,&(i ing imit #e,ause + their e.,e(tina ,hi,e t g t e$e (a,&s* I&ea has shrt,mings i&e an% standard rgani)atins* Their mst nte'rth% shrt,ming is a hesitan,e t ,hange* Mre$er there is an a#sen,e + trans(aren,%  #et'een di$isins high sta++ turn$er rate and ,ha enges in estimating interest* The rgani)atin/s ,han,es are situated in the (atterns t stream ined traditins e.(anding e-#usinessdea s +ran,hising/s de$e (ing u#iuit% and the ,urrent ((u arit% + mderatin* There are dangers +r e e.,e(tina ri$a r% +rm su(erstres g$ernment regu atins and a's and #e,ause + their snai /s (a,e ,hange engineering (rgressins and sensatina st% e ,hanges  (sture $ast dangers*  UNIT II ASSIGNMENT Strengths Sme e.trardinar% ua ities + I&ea 'hi,h ught t #e s(e,i+ied are s id s,ia and natura a((ra,hes I&ea 20034* I&ea/s s,ia a((ra,hes ,n,entrate n &ids a in a and essening t%&e 'r& (arti,u ar % Barner 2003 I&ea 20034* Their mantra is e.(ressed n their site 6 ' ,st h'e$er nt at an% ,st6 ut ines the essentia suggestin #ehind their %ungster  #ene$ ent and green a((ra,hes I&ea 20034* 7es(ite the +a,t that ' ,sts are a ,riti,a &e% tI&ea/s (rs(erit% the% 'i gi$e u( #igger net re$enue +r %ungsters r the nature* The% dn/t mdest +ar +rm managing su(( iers t ensure (assi$e ,nsent 'ith I&ea/s s,ia destinatins* T ma&e that (r,ess ess demanding the% are # ending and diminishing the uantit% + su(( iers +rm 2500 t 100 Barner 20034* E, gi,a % ta &ing I&ea/s desire has set t 6turn int 1008 de(endent n rene'a# e $ita it%9 and t ,ut genera $ita it% uti i)atin #% 2586 Barner 20034* rm the argest amunts n d'n !r(rate S,ia Res(nsi#i it% !SR4 is a (aramunt (art + I&ea and assumes a signi+i,ant (art in the ,hi,e ma&ing methd g% Barner 20034* B% #eing an e., usi$e rgani)atin I&ea 'i ha$e the ,a(a,it% t ma&e this (sitin ess demanding n the grunds that the 6,nne,tin in the midd e + +inan,ia s and !SR ad$an,ement is ess + an issue6 Barner 20034* ;$er the ng hau  thse !SR (sitins 'i (r#a# % additin 'rth and im(rtan,e in ight + the +a,t that administratins are (rgressi$e % ,nstraining ,hara,teristi, assets a#use and s(reads and # iging reusing (r<e,ts* urthermre #u%ers are reuesting mre !SR +rm the rgani)atins the 'r& 'ith*I&ea/s name is eui$a ent 'rd 'ith mderateness and ua it% S,heraga 2005 I&ea 20034* ;ne + the &e% $aria# es + mderateness trans(rtatin st,&(i ing and gisti,s is the e$e (a,&* The +urniture is thum(ed d'n and #und ed unassem# ed in a e$e #. 'hi,h is  UNIT II ASSIGNMENT=intended +r sim( er trans(rtatin st,&rm and ,n$e% hme #% the , ient 'h then 'i gather it int the ast item M,Ginn 20024* Weaknesses I&ea has se$era rea shrt,mings* Initia % is its snai - i&e (a,e + (rgress* Thus the% are regu ar % ate t indu ge the needs + their ,ustmers* !ase in (int the% at +irst ,ntradi,ted st,&ing Ameri,an-si)ed in+rma dging in their stres M,ginn 20054* A+ter the% ,hanged the si)es as (er their US , ients/ tastes dea s e.(anded M,ginn 20054* Mre$er this mderate de$e (ment ther% is &e(t d'n #% an a#sen,e + trans(aren,% #et'een di$isins S,heraga 20054* >igh 'r&er turn$er rates r 6re(resentati$e stir6 is a ,st % issue* It ,sts ,ash t en ist and am( i+ies the measure + e.ertin needed t (re(are e$er% ne' 'r&er* I&ea e.(erien,es a high 'r&er turn$er in their stres Barner 20034* >en,e this im(edes I&ea +rm 6insta ing !SR6 r 6im(arting t indi$idua s 'hat the%/re ding6 Barner 20034* I&ea e.(erien,es di++i,u t%getting re(resentati$es at the retai e$e 'hi,h # iges immediate ,nta,t 'ith the , ients understanding the !SR (sitin and getting t #e a (ie,e + it* An a ternate issue that I&ea needs understanding is the a#sen,e + trans(aren,% #et'een di$isins 'hi,h eases ++ the gain+u ness (r,ess and reasns $u nera#i it% S,heraga 20054* A de,ent arrangement 'u d #e mre trans(aren,% and the ad<ustment + ,rss-use+u gru(s* !nseuent % data 'u d #e disse,ted and im(arted a the mre (ra,ti,a % and t #etter ,mes a#ut* urthermre I&ea is #ad at interest anti,i(ating su#seuent % their st,& is regu ar % in an inse,ure state S,heraga 20054* There 'ere times that I&ea had e.,essi$e % itt e r a t + st,& 'hi,h demnstrates their (r ,a(a,it% t res(nd t the interest S,heraga 20054* Bth
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