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  UNIT 5 CHINA  UNIT 5 KEY TERMS  1. warlord 11. legalism  2. aristocrat 12. filial piety  3. ancestor  4. pictograph  5. ideograph  6. hereditary  7. Mandate of Heaven  8. Dao  9. Confucianism  10. Daoism  THE LAND OF CHINA  Two powerful rivers have helped shape Chinese history: the Huang He (Yellow River) and the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River).  Mountains and deserts cover much of China.  They were difficult to cross, acting like walls around the country.  These natural barriers limited contact between China and other civilizations.  THE FIRST CHINESE DYNASTY   A dynasty is a line of rulers who belong to the same family.  Historians believe the first Chinese dynasty was the Shang.  The Shang dynasty began about 1750 B.C.
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