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Summary of Unit I
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  UNIT I. OVERVIEW OF COMMUNICATION THEORY AND PRACTICE   30 August-3 October 2014, Dr. Jean A. Saludadez (FIC)   As the unit title suggests, Unit I provides a broad overview of the field of communication theory. The unit is divided into two modules: Module 1 The Traditions of Communication Theory and Module 2 Theorizing Communicative Practice .   In Module 1  we will be discussing the Traditions of Communication Theory  in context. In the link below you will find the article Communication Theory as a Field written by Robert T. Craig. The author draws a sketch of the main (seven) traditions of communication theory, each having its own way of approaching communication as a theoretical problem and each having its own vocabularies for conceptualizing communication problems and practices . As you read the article and reflect on these traditions, contextualize them in your substantive area (public relations, mass communication, development communication, language, information technology, organizational communication, etc.), and then share with the class how the particular theories in your substantive area are positioned across/along the seven traditions. (The forum will open 6 September and will end 12 September 2014.) As you may surmise, this assumes that you are familiar with the different theories in your substantive area. In  Module 2 , Theorizing Communicative Practice , we will have another Craig reading Pragmatism in the Field of Communication (you will also find the link below). The article is a sequel to the first reading and provides a space for Pragmatism as the eighth tradition of communication theory. (It may be good to read the two readings in sequence as the later essay assists in reading the earlier essay.) Pragmatism's action orientation gives a good grounding/scaffolding for theorizing your communicative practice. In the forum, share with the class what particular communicative practice you think you, as communication scholar, will problematize (and theorize) and why. (The forum will open 13 September and will end 19 September 2014.)   To cap the first unit of the course, write an essay on how you locate yourself along the traditions of communication theory and how such tradition defines your communicative practice (in the context of your work) and will define later pursuit of knowledge in the form of systematic inquiry (that is, your planned dissertation research). Submit the assignment not later than 26 September 2014. (An assignment bin will open two weeks before the due date)   Apart from the two fora, I have created a forum for the purpose of reading together the Craig articles for mutual learning, here you may ask questions  about your peers' interpretation/reading of a particular concept/idea in the articles or you may volunteer to share insights derived from or further reflections about the articles. (The forum is open throughout the duration of Unit I).   You may also find below a link to the criteria that I shall be using in assessing your submissions in Unit I.  
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