UNIT PLAN Level 1 (10 units)

UNIT PLAN Level 1 (10 units) Unit No. New grammar Revision WELCOME Be positive, question words Imperative There is / are UNIT 1 Hello! UNIT 2 Homes UNIT 3 Family Verb be all forms Articles Possessive adjectives
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UNIT PLAN Level 1 (10 units) Unit No. New grammar Revision WELCOME Be positive, question words Imperative There is / are UNIT 1 Hello! UNIT 2 Homes UNIT 3 Family Verb be all forms Articles Possessive adjectives Plural Verb be question words Irregular plurals Have got all forms Whose There is/are, lots of This/these that/those Prepositions of place Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns UNIT 4 Life Present simple all forms UNIT 5 Keep fit! UNIT 6 School UNIT 7 Food UNIT 8 Places Adverbs of manners Like / love / hate + ing Adverbs of frequency Must / mustn t Object pronouns Un/countables a/an, some, any How much / many? Lots of / not much / many Present continuous questions and short answers Present continuous vs. present simple Can all forms Imperative Question words and present simple My part of Europe General language review Level 1 Vocabulary Alphabet, numbers Everyday words Tel. numbers, days months, seasons, ordinal numbers interests Topical content Saying hello Telling the time Classroom English Giving instructions Talking about personal info and interests Countries and nationalities Personal objects Talking about facts saying where you are from Personal information Greetings, introduction, goodbye Rooms in the house Furniture Talking about homes Describing a room Family relationships Adjectives to describe characters Adjectives to describe people Asking for and giving personal info Talking about family Talking about possessions Daily routines Free time activities Jobs Saying when you do things Talking about your interests Buying a ticket Free time activities Talking about likes and dislikes Making suggestions School subjects House rules and school rules Clothes Daily routines Talking about obligations Talking about possessions Invitations Food and drink Talking about quantity Talking about food Ordering food Animals Weather Places Talking about actions in progress Talking about weather Asking the way and giving directions Geography The Czech Republic and other countries in EU Life School in The Czech Republic Level 1 UNIT PLAN Level 2 (10 units) Unit No. New grammar Revision WELCOME Question words There is / are Present simple Present continuous Adverbs of frequency UNIT 1 People UNIT 2 The past UNIT 3 The Future UNIT 4 Travel UNIT 5 Heroes Past simple be all forms Past simple regular verbs positive Present continuous as future There was / were Past simple positive form (irregular verbs) Past simple negative, questions Could Some/any Un/countables Too much / too many Present simple vs. present continuous Can can t Have got Past simple be all forms UNIT 6 Nature UNIT 7 Outdoors UNIT 8 Cyberworld Comparative adjectives Superlative adjectives As as / not as as Would like (to) May / might (probability) may / might or present continuous Infinitive of purpose Have to Should Have to / don t have to Present continuous for future Must / mustn t Imperative Free time General language review Level 2 Vocabulary Classroom, school Family Appearance Houses and furniture Topical content Setting school rules Asking for and giving personal information Describing homes Daily life Talking about daily routines Transport Inventions Buying a train or bus ticket Weekend activities Agreeing / disagreeing Making and suggesting plans Airport Asking for information Disasters Feelings Heroes and legends Asking about the past Telling a story Nature Geography Animals Making comparisons Talking about superlatives Shopping Things to do Shops Talking about future plans Talking about the weekend Making arrangements TV programmes Computers Talking about obligation Talking about the internet Asking and giving opinions A trip to the UK Free time Level 2 UNIT PLAN Level 3 (10 units) Unit No. New grammar Revision WELCOME Past simple all forms There was / were Comparative adjectives Superlative adjectives Would like (to) May / might or present continuous Should Have to / don t have to UNIT 1 Events UNIT 2 Ambition UNIT 3 Future life Past continuous Past continuous vs. past simple with when Articles a/an vs. the Be going to all forms Be going to for prediction Prepositions of movement will for prediction First conditional Adverbs of manner UNIT 4 In my life UNIT 5 Celebrations UNIT 6 Changing world UNIT 7 Challenge UNIT 8 Teen life Present perfect be (all forms) Present perfect regular verbs all forms When vs. while Definitely / probably will for offers, promises and decisions Had to Present perfect for/since Present perfect and past simple Present perfect with just /already / yet Indefinite pronouns Past simple Past continuous Will for prediction Present continuous for future Going to Might / might not Must, have to Present perfect (with ever/never) Un/countables Too / too much /too many / (not) enough Holidays General language review Level 3 Vocabulary Nature Transport Activities Adjectives Summer holidays and experiences Topical content Telling stories Making comparisons Talking about superlatives Expressing opinions Text types Verbs Linking words Asking for permission and offering to do things Jobs Musical instrument Talking about future intentions Talking about music Talking about the weather The solar system Computers Talking about the future Talking about technology Working in teams Places Activities Asking about experiences in the past Festivals and special days Websites Talking about duties and rules Education Green lifestyle Asking about rules Talking about the future Talking about plans Describing a picture Physical activities Out and about Talking about experiences Talking about duration Negotiating Talking about recent events Buying clothes Agreeing and disagreeing The USA and Canada Holidays Level 3 UNIT PLAN Level 4 (8 units) Unit No. New grammar Revision WELCOME Present perfect Present perfect vs. past simple Comparatives, superlatives Will vs. be going to UNIT 1 Well-being Zero conditional Relative pronouns First conditional UNIT 2 Movie-mad Reported speech: statements; modals, yes/no questions Say / tell UNIT 3 Values UNIT 4 Communicating Second conditional: statements, questions, short anwers; wh-questions If... were A little / a few Present passive Past passive UNIT 5 Cities Question tags: present simple positive Subject and object questions Question words UNIT 6 In my life The world of work Used to /didn t use to General language review Level 4 Vocabulary Experiences in the past Life in the future Technology Topical content Talking about past experience and recent events Talking about intentions Talking about predictions Illnesses and injuries Behaviour Talking about facts, results and conditions Defining and explaining Joining information Going to the doctor s Talent show Making a film Giving opinions Reporting Talking about time Taking messages Crime Society Talking about politics Giving advice Irregular past participles Punctuation Giving advice Talking about processes Speaking and listening accurately Talking about feelings Countries and cities Places in a town Talking about a city Talking about shopping centres Giving directions Technology Review Talking about family Fluency practice Australia, New Zealand The world of work Level 4
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