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   6 MARK QUESTIONS UNITWISE UNIT –  I. BASICS OF MECHANISMS 1.1. (a) Sketch a slider crank chain and its various inversions stating actual machines which they are used in practice. Or (b) Draw the sketch of a mechanism in which a point traces an exact straight line. The mechanism must of only revolute pairs prove that the  point traces an exact straight line motion. 1.2. (a) Sketch and explain briefly the following mechanisms: (i) Quick-return motion mechanism of a shaping machine (ii) Oscillating cylinder engine mechanism (iii) Ratchet mechanism (iv) Indexing mechanism. Or (b) Sketch and explain any four inversions of a double-slider crank chain. Mention also the application of each inversion. 1.3. (a) Explain the inversions of double slider crank chain with a neat sketch. Or (b) (i) In a crank and slotted lever quick return mechanism , the distance  between the fixed centres is 150 mm and the driving crank is 75 mm  long. Determine the ratio of time taken to the cutting stroke to the return stroke. (ii) With a neat sketch explain the any one of the straight line generating mechanisms. 1.4. (a) Determine the mobility of all mechanism shown in figure 1,2 and 3. Figure l Figure 2   Figure 3 Or (b) Sketch and explain all the inversions of double slider crank chain mechanism. 1.5. (a) State Grashoffs law and explain the inversion of single Slider crank chain with example. Or (b) Explain the following: (i) Indexing mechanisms (ii) Reversing Mechanism (iii) Straight line Mechanism. 1.6. (a) Explain in detail with neat sketches, all the four inversions of a single-slider crank chain. Or (b) (i) The distance between two parallel shafts is 18 mm and they are connected by an Oldham's coupling. The driving shaft revolves at 160  rpm. What will be the maximum speed of sliding of the tongue of the intermediate piece along its groove? (ii) Explain the following with a neat sketch: (1) Elliptical trammel (2) Scotch yoke mechanism 1.7. (a) Perform the kinematic analysis of the following Exact Straight Line motion mechanisms. (i) Peaucellier Mechanism (ii) Hart's Mechanism. Or (b) (i) In a whitworth quick return mechanism, driving crank is 120 mm long. The distance between the fixed center is 240 mm. The line of stroke of ram passes through the center of rotation of slotted lever, whose free end is connected to the ram by a connecting link. Determine the ratio of time of cutting to time of return. (ii) Explain any two inversion of a double slider crank mechanism 1.8. (a) (i) Explain the inversions of four bar chain, with neat sketches. (ii) Explain with neat sketches the following:    Offset slider mechanism    An Indexing mechanism. Or (b) (i) Explain the inversions of single slider crank chains, with neat sketches. (ii) Explain mechanical advantage and transmission angle related to four-bar mechanisms
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