Units 0-1 Revision 3ESO

This is what's in our first 3 ESO exam.
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  UNITS 0-1 (revision) ã  Vocabulary - opposite adjectives: common/rare, cheap/expensive … ã  Verb  TO BE  +I am a studentShe  is SpanishThey  are herteachers-I am not  a studentShe  isn’t  SpanishThey  aren’t  herteachers?  Am I a student?  Is sheSpanish?  Are theyherteachers? ã  Verb  HAVE GOT  +I have got  a penShe  has got  a catThey  have got  a laptop-I haven’t   got  a pen She  hasn’t   got  a catThey  haven’t   got  a laptop?  Have I  got  a pen?  Has she  got  a cat?  Have they  got  a laptop? ã  Making comparisons COMPARATIVE: cheaperthan, more intelligentthan, betterthan … SUPERLATIVE: thecheapest, themostintelligent, thebest  … EXPRESSIONS: muchbetterthan, a bit / a lotmore interestingthannotas interestingas, twice/ threetimes as good  as… ã  Routines:  goto work, wakeup, tidyyourroom, startschool, havebreakfast  … ã  When we do things: onThursdayevenings, everyMonday, in themorning,at night, at theweekend, twicea week … ã  Pronouns and possessive adjectives: I/me/my, you/you/your, he/him/his …  UNITS 0-1 (revision) ã  Present simple +I sleepShesleep s Theysleep-I don’t  sleepShe  doesn’t  sleepThey  don’t  sleep?  Do I sleep?  Does shesleep? Do theysleep? ã  Making questions: Howoften/ Whattime / When/ Wheredo you …?  ã  Vocabulary  –  personality adjectives:  practical, confident, serious, tolerant  … ã  Adverbs of degree: incredibly, quite, really, (not) very   , a bit… ã  Describing   people’s  personality   ________ tends to be…;  ________ can be very  …; _________ issometimes a bit… ã  Compound adjectives: long-haired, pale-skinned, short-sighted … ã  Talkingabout frequency Howoftendo you …?  Do youoften/ever  …?  Adverbsof frequency  ã  Communicating our feelings: cry, sulk, joke, stare, complain, boast, tease … ã  Present continuous +I am sleep ing  She  is sleep ing  They  are sleep ing  -I ’m  not  sleep ing  She  isn’t  sleep ing  They  aren’t  sleep ing  ?  Am I sleep ing  ?  Is shesleep ing  ?  Are theysleep ing  ? ã  Order of adjectives: opinion, size/length, age, colour  + noun
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