University Model Question for Engineering Graphics

University Model Question for Engineering Graphics
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  USN P08AU45PESCollege of Engineering, Mandya-571401 (An Autonomous Institution Under VTU, Belgaum)Fourth Semester B.E, Automobile Engineering Degree Examination, une ! # COMPUTER A!E! MAC NE !RA#N$Model %&e'(ion Pa)erTi*e+  r'Ma./ Mar'+ 100   No(e+ #. Ans$er an% one &uestion 'rom eah o' the arts A, B, *.!. Use FI+ST A-E ro/etion onl%.0. 1issing data, i' an%, ma% be suitabl% assumed.2. All the alulation should be on ans$er sheet sulied.3. All the dimensions are in mm.4. Dra$ing instruments ma% or ma% not be used 'or s5ething. PART  A #. A %linder 4 mm diameter and 6 mm long stands $ith its irular base on 78. A setion lane  erendiular to V8 and inlined at 4 degree to 78 uts the axis at a oint !6mm belo$ its to end. Dra$ setional to and right 9ie$s and true shae o' the setion. 230 Mar' !.Figure #. Sho$s a mahine omonent. Dra$ the 'ollo$ing 9ie$s:a)Front 9ie$ b)To 9ie$ ) Side 9ie$   230 Mar'PART   0.Dra$ the 'ollo$ing 9ie$s o' a S;*<ET and S8I-;T *;TTE+ ;IT used 'or  /oining t$o rods o' diameter ! mm:a)Setional 'ront 9ie$  b) A 9ie$ loo5ing 'rom so5et end 230 Mar' 2.Dra$ the to 9ie$ and setional 'ront 9ie$ o' single ri9eted but /oint $ith double o9er lates. The thi5ness o' the late is =mm. sho$ at least three ri9ets. Indiate all the dimensions. Use sna headed ri9ets and sho$ all alulation on the ans$er sheet. 230 Mar'PART - C 3.Figure !. Sho$s the details o' sre$ /a5. Assemble the arts and dra$ the 'ollo$ing 9ie$s:a)An Assembled 0D Vie$ b)Front 9ie$ (!D) sho$ing right hal' in setion, and )  to 9ie$ (!D) 260 Mar' 4.Figure 0. Sho$s the details o' an I. *. Engine *onneting rod. Assemble the arts and dra$ the 'ollo$ing 9ie$s. Dimension the dra$ings.a)An Assembled 0D Vie$ b)Front 9ie$ (!D) $ith to hal' in setion. ) To 9ie$ (!D)  260 Mar'  ig&re+ 1*)or(an( No(e (o '(&den('+ONE 9&e'(ion (o :e an';ered fro* ea< of (e )ar(' A,  and CPART-A 'all <on(ain T#O 9&e'(ion' fro* &ni( -=, PART- 'all <on(ain T#O 9&e'(ion' fro* &ni( =->,PART-C 'all <on(ain T#O 9&e'(ion' fro* &ni( > of (e 'ylla:&'?ig&re+ 3  ig&re+ 
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