Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E P.O. Box 26182, Ledroit Park Station, Washington, DC 200001 (202) 670-1732 | Alexander M. Padro, Chair (6E01), Rachelle P. Nigro, Vice Chair (6E04), Marge Maceda, Secretary (6E05), Kevin Chapple, Treasurer (6E02) Frank Wiggins, Public Safety Committee Chair (6E03), Alvin Judd, (6E06), Alfreda Judd (6E07) November 6, 2014 The Honorable John Ramsey Johnson District of Columbia Superior Court H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, Chamber 3020 500 Indiana Av
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  Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E P.O. Box 26182, Ledroit Park Station, Washington, DC 200001(202) 670-1732 | www.anc6e.orgAlexander M. Padro, Chair (6E01), Rachelle P. Nigro, Vice Chair (6E04),Marge Maceda, Secretary (6E05), Kevin Chapple, Treasurer (6E02)Frank Wiggins, Public Safety Committee Chair (6E03), Alvin Judd, (6E06), Alfreda Judd (6E07) November 6, 2014The Honorable John Ramsey JohnsonDistrict of Columbia Superior CourtH. Carl Moultrie Courthouse, Chamber 3020500 Indiana Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20001Re: The North Capitol Street Shooting, March 11, 2013 Sentencing Hearings 2:00pm, Friday, November 7, 2014, Courtroom 302DEFENDANTS: Andrew Allen, 2013 - CF3-8762; Age 20, DOB 2/14/94, shooter, armed with a Taurus 9mm semi-automatic pistol, Model 92AF, with extended magazine; Keith Bobb, 2013-CF3-8761; Age 22, DOB 2/13/92, driver; Arnell Smith ,   2014-CF1-3340;   Age 21, DOB 11/11/92; driver.Dear Judge Johnson:On behalf of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E (ANC6E), which represents 14,000 residents of the District of Columbia, I submit this Community Impact Statement  (CIS) for the sentencing of Andrew Allen, Keith Bobb, and Arnell Smith, three of the four individuals involved in the “North Capitol Shooting” on March 11, 2013, one of the largest mass shootings in the history of the District of Columbia. This CIS is being submitted to the District of Columbia Superior Court and to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. ANC6E includes the 1200 block of North Capitol Street, N.W., where the mass shooting occurred.One of the primary roles of our government is to ensure public safety. Those physically injured victims, some who had more than one bullet violate their bodies, and those affected psychologically by the fear of menacing gunmen terrorizing their community, cannot have the experience of March 11, 2013 erased, but we can as a government ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are held accountable. Further, we must send a crystal clear message to their criminal associates that harming individuals in our community will not be tolerated. We submit this statement on behalf of our constituents, none of whom felt comfortable to face their assailants in court at any point during this process; their logic, fear and disgust are perfectly understandable.The thirteen innocent victims who were shot on March 11, 2013 should never have had to endure the pain and suffering they have experienced and may never forget. Our constituents at Tyler House, in ANC6E, and all those who live along and near the 1200 block of North Capitol Street, just twelve blocks from and within sight of the U.S. Capitol building, should be able to walk freely outside their front doors at all times without fear of being shot by callous young men who demonstrate no concern for the value of human life and reckless disregard for peaceful citizens in society. The indiscriminate use of deadly force could easily have resulted in carnage with an exponential impact on an already horrific tragedy. Indeed, residents innocently sitting near their windows and others, enjoying the sanctity of their homes, rather than hearing the dreadful sound of gunfire nearby, could have easily also been injured or killed by the gunfire on March 11, 2013.Mr(s) Allen, Bobb, and Smith clearly missed a vital socialization process that would have prevented this type of obsessive gang land retribution for petty grievances. Their actions, on and after March 11, 2013, can only instigate continued violence in our community. Regardless of their own upbringing, Mr(s) Allen, Bobb, and Smith had absolutely no right to harm the promise of others’ potential or the peace of mind of many individuals and families who work very hard and pay dearly to reside in our community. The fact that the defendants attempted to cover up their Page 1 of 2  Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E P.O. Box 26182, Ledroit Park Station, Washington, DC 200001(202) 670-1732 | www.anc6e.orgAlexander M. Padro, Chair (6E01), Rachelle P. Nigro, Vice Chair (6E04),Marge Maceda, Secretary (6E05), Kevin Chapple, Treasurer (6E02)Frank Wiggins, Public Safety Committee Chair (6E03), Alvin Judd, (6E06), Alfreda Judd (6E07) actions by burning Andrew Allen’s Mercedes-Benz (registered to his mother), and by trading away their weapons, later the very same day, clearly demonstrates further sinister intent and desire to get away with their crimes scot free. The group the defendants are associated with has a history of violence and criminal behavior. Mr. Smith was only added to the docket in 2014 because he had already been incarcerated, facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, Maryland, Fairfax County, Virginia, and Howard County, Maryland. None of these individuals was a first time offender guilty of a singular case of bad judgment.Since March of 2013, various sectors of our community have also been plagued by even more gun violence. One shooting, in a park for young toddlers and senior citizens, occurred on a bright sunny afternoon on October 2, 2014; another took place October 25, 2014, near one of our most popular social venues along the Shaw neighborhood’s heavily trafficked 7th Street commercial corridor; and, yet another large shooting occurred steps outside the doors of one of our high performing elementary/middle schools on March 7th of this year. MPD has not apprehended any of the gunmen in these more recent crimes, but the sentencing of Mr. Andrew Allen (a shooter), and Keith Bobb and Arnell Smith (both drivers) in the “North Capitol Shooting” should send a clear message to all those wielding firearms, and to others, about the penalties for terrorizing our community and city with violence. Your sentence should particularly serve to alert their associates and rival groups that their actions will have serious consequences, jeopardize their liberty, and affect the trajectory of the rest of their lives.Before Mr(s) Allen, Bobb, and Smith are released back into society, they should receive intensive psychological counseling and job preparedness training so they will have some prospect to pursue civilized and legal sources of income to support their lives. With all the advances in technology and society, the world may well be a radically different place in 2034 and 2039. The rapidly growing local economy and employment environment will likely not accommodate those without college degrees —   much less former violent felons — with increasing national and international competition for regional jobs. The defendants will be ill prepared for that world without receiving a specialized advanced educational program while  they are incarcerated. As a government, we must find a logical way to close the revolving door for criminals and humanely integrate them back into society — if they themselves are willing to do so.Although these defendants surely deserve sentences several times longer than those agreed to in negotiations, we agree with the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia and urge you to accept the defendants’ acknowledgment of guilt and sentence them as follows: 25 years of incarceration for instigating shooter Andrew Allen; and 20 years each for Keith Bobb and Arnell Smith, who served as drivers in these assaults. Furthermore, given that their victims will likely never be able to forget this atrocity, and several will live with debilitating scars for the rest other lives, none of these men should be sentenced under the Youth Rehabilitation Act of 1985, under which their convictions could be wiped clean from the public record.Thank you very much for your consideration.Respectfully, Frank S. Wiggins Frank S. WigginsAdvisory Neighborhood Commissioner, ANC 6E-03Public Safety Committee * Page 2 of 2
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