Global and China Earphone Industry 2014 Market Trend, Size, Share, Growth and ore!ast Industry #nalysis, $%er%iew, &esear!h and 'e%elop(ent ) Market&esear!h&eports*+iz Global and China Earphone Industry Report, 2013-2014 focuses on the following: 1. Earphone overview 2. Earphone market 3. Earphone industry 4. 8 branded earphone vendors 5. 13 earphone OEMs The report covers headphone earphone and headset. ! oba earphone shipments are estimated to reach 3#$ mi ion in 2#14 up 12.5% year on yea
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  Global and China Earphone Industry 2014 Market Trend,Size, Share, Growth and ore!ast Industry #nalysis,$%er%iew, &esear!h and 'e%elop(ent )Market&esear!h&eports*+iz Global and China Earphone Industry  Report, 2013-2014 focuses on the following: 1.Earphone overview2.Earphone market3.Earphone industry4.8 branded earphone vendors5.13 earphone OEMsThe report covers headphone earphone and headset.! oba earphone shipments are estimated to reach 3#$ mi ion in 2#14 up 12.5% year on year e&ua in' about ()* $.$ bi ion by va ue up 11.+% ,rom a year ear ier. The earphone can be dividedinto - uetooth communications sports earphone O /O,,ice a enter0 'amin' earphone iiearphone and norma earphone.The avera'e price o, norma earphone is usua y no more than ()* 2 whi e hi'hend earphone cou d be worth ()* 3##.  antronics and ! etcom concentrate on O -eats ,ocuses on op )ku candy dominates sports Turt e -each /6T-0 and 7aer on 'amin' whi e )amsun' 9! and Motoro a pu attention to - uetooth communications 9o'itech devotes to  and estab ished companies ike )ennheiser and :;! dedicate to ii.The popu arity o, hi'hpriced :pp e and )amsun'<s !a a=y revo utionied earphone market. :s mobi e phone has become the center o, the youn' peop e<s i,e they are wi in' to spend ()* 3## to buy premium earphones which have e=panded ,rom sma niche market o, music overs to mass market o, the youth attractin' many brands into the market. We can provide sample pages for the better understanding of this report Re!uest ample of #his Report, $indl% &isit at The emer'ence o, -eats radica y chan'ed earphone industry. )ince the estab ishment in 2##8 -eats de,eated a estab ished earphone companies in ess than 1# years to put itse , on the throne ' oba y. The success o, -eats depends not on acoustic ,ide ity or hi'h price>per,ormance ratio but e=a''erated bass overwhe min' ads and ,ancy appearance. This stimu ated many companies without acoustic back'round to swarm into the ,ie d.The earphones are manu,actured in the ,orm o, OEM and +5% o, production is concentrated in main and hina where a ar'e number o, earphone OEMs are ocated. The 'ross mar'in o, earphone industry is e=treme y hi'h above 5#% ,or branded earphone companies and no ess than 1#% ,or manu,acturers. *espite a hi'h 'ross mar'in the marketin' e=penditure o, branded earphone companies is very ar'e as we as channe cost resu tin' in a very ow operatin' pro,it which makes brand vendors ,ocus on the market and contract the production to earphone manu,acturers. #able of 'ontent1 (arphone )verview 1.1  assi,ication o, Earphone1.2 Overview o, Earphone arameters  Global and China Earphone Industry 2014 Market Trend,Size, Share, Growth and ore!ast Industry #nalysis,$%er%iew, &esear!h and 'e%elop(ent )Market&esear!h&eports*+iz 2 *ownstream +ar$et of (arphone 2.1 ! oba Mobi e hone Market2.2 ! oba )martphone Market2.3 hinese Mobi e hone Market rowse ull Report With #)': 3 (arphone .ndustr% 3.1 Earphone Market )ie3.2 Earphone Market )hare3.3 7e ation between -rand 6endors and OEMs3.4 7ankin' o, Earphone 6endors 4 randed (arphone &endors 4.1 9o'itech4.2 ! etcom4.3 -eats4.4 )ku candy / (arphone )(+s 5.1 u?ikon5.2 Merry5.3 !oerTek5.4 7E)@ bout s+ar$etResearchReportsi  is the most comprehensive co ection o, market research reports. services are especia y desi'ned to save time and money o, our c ients. Ae are a one stop so ution ,or a your research needs our main o,,erin's are syndicated research reports custom research subscription access and consu tin' services. Ae serve a sies and types o, companies spannin' across various industries. 'ontact  M/s Sheela90 Sate Street, Site !00  lbany, #$ %220! &el: '%(5%8()%8(%0*0+S ( ana-a &oll ree: '%(8))(99!(4948 (mail: sa ite: httpC>>> log:  httpC>>marketre>


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