AKHS Knightly News Week of 11-07-14 Ardrey Kell Theatre Department Dr. Seuss Book Drive On December 5th, the AK Theatre Department will be hosting over 500 first graders from Pineville and Albemarle Elementary schools for a performance of Alice inWonderland and lunch. Our goal is to collect over 1000 new Dr. Seuss books to be able to present a book to each of these students and to also contribute to their classroom libraries. Book donations, gift cards or monetary donations to purchase books are
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   AKHSKnightly News  Week of 11-07-14  Ardrey Kell Theatre DepartmentDr. Seuss Book Drive On December 5th, the AK Theatre Department will be hostin o!er 500 first ra ers from #ine!ille an  Albemarle $lementar% schools for a performance of Alice inWon erlan an l&nch' O&r oal is to collect o!er 1000 new Dr' (e&ss books to be able to present a book to each of these st& entsan to also contrib&te to their classroom libraries')ook onations, ift car s or monetar% onations to p&rchase books are  welcome' (t& ents ma% rop off onations in *r' +abbar s classroom an others ma% rop onations off in the front office'&estions ma% be irecte to *r' +abbar at terr%w'abbar .cms'k1/'nc'&s 1 st  Annual 4!s outh Basket#all lini$ (at&r a% o!ember 15, /014(ee the fl%er at the en for information  AK %ighty Knight Band &undraiser The A2D2$3 K$ *+6T3 K+6T )AD is hol in their ann&al &n raiser sellin elicio&s citr&s fr&it irect from the lori a ro!es an )&tter )rai s now thro&h o!ember 14' (ee fl%er at the en for info 'mportant (eminder  All st& ents m&st ha!e an Aen a an a (t& ent D'  AK %)(*T Spirit Night    Ar re% Kell *892OT8 is ha!in a checkers niht for :eterans Da% where we  will be presentin the color &ar on o!ember ; th ' The tickets are <1=, the% normall% sell for </0' The tickets can be p&rchase thro&h t'8ol'Wint or thro&h the Ar re% Kell *892OT8 booster>s website' l%er for the e!ent is at the en of this email + th  ,rade  olanda Burnette  olanda1.#urnette-$ms.k1.n$.us   1/ th  ,rade)enni0er S$hroeder)enni0er.s$hroeder-$ms.k1.n$.usTwitter -ArdreyKellHS 2e#site http 33   goo .gl 3 ug  g 4 N11 th  ,radeBo##y &ren$h5arl.0ren$h-$ms.k1.n$.us   1 th  ,radeBridget (it$hBridgets.noah-$ms.k1.n$.us   AKHSKnightly News  Week of 11-07-14  ____________________________________________________________________________________________  &inan$ial Aid Night The Ar re% Kell (t& ent (er!ices Department will host its inancial Ai iht on o!ember /0 th  at = pm in the a& itori&m' #arents an st& ents are in!ite to come hear more information abo&t pa%in for collee thro&h scholarships, rants an loans Navian$e 6 ollege 7isits 8ollee !isits at AK are open to ?&niors an seniors, an each st& ent can atten &p to 5 each %ear' 3o& will recei!e remin er emails abo&t &pcomin collee !isits forthe collees %o& are intereste in only i0 those $ollegesare listed in your Navian$e a$$ount. (t& ents sho&l keep their a!iance acco&nt &p ate with collees the% are intereste in to make s&re the% recei!e these a&tomaticall% enerate emails'  Attention Seniors New Trans$ript (e8uest and 9ayment 9ro$ess  After re@&estin %o&r transcripts on a!iance, please be s&re to print the confirmation pae' 3o&r two initial free transcripts will a&tomaticall% be e &cte from the total owe on a!iance' This total owe  is what nee s to be pai online thro&h the AK website' Therefore,  when %o& s&bmit %o&r pa%ment online, please be s&re to onl% enter the n&mber of transcripts nee in to be pai for Bafter s&btractin the first twoC' or eample, if %o& are re@&estin 5 transcripts on a!iance, %o&r total owe  will be <15, onl% enter E on the online pa%ment site' )e s&re the amo&nt owe in a!iance is the same as the amo&nt %o& are pa%in thro&h the online s%stem' #lease see %o&r co&nselor with an% @&estions')OT6 the a!iance confirmation pae an online pa%ment receipt nee to be t&rne in before %o&r transcripts can be s&bmitte ' Senior ap and ,own *rders (eniors ha!e atten e a (enior Assembl% &rin homeroom on Th&rs a%, o!ember =th an recei!e information from 6erff 9ones abo&t +ra &ation 8aps an +owns' 6erff 9ones will be back on camp&s on o!ember /0th an /1st to bein collectin or ers' Knights 'n A$tion ommunity Servi$e Hours f %o& are lookin for :ol&nteer 6o&rs for the FKnihts n ActionG 8omm&nit% (er!ice #roram check o&t the F8omm&nit% (er!iceG )&lletin )oar in (t& ent (er!ices for some ecitin opport&nities ounselor Assignments /14:/1;    A H 86A Kell% *cDonal D$#A2T*$T 86A2 K$32'*8DOAD.8*('K1/'8'I( 86$ H Oori DipiernoO2'D#$2O.8*('K1/'8'I( 2 H 9A )ran on Webb)2ADO1'W$)).8*('K1/'8'I( 9$ H *A *ar% (artwell*A238'(A2TW$.8*('K1/'8'I( *c H #68ha 8able86AD'8A)$.8*('K1/'8'I( #-(*T%nisha )owenT3(6A')OW$.8*('K1/'8'I( ( H J8in i 2oth8D'2OT6.8*('K1/'8'I(   AKHSKnightly News  Week of 11-07-14  ____________________________________________________________________________________________    ear#ook     3o& can still p&rchase a 3earbook from last %ear for onl% <E0' #lease see ori an in the main office'  3earbooks an (enior A paes are now on sale' :isit the AK 3earbook webpae for more information' #lease ote that people ha!e eperience iss&es with nternet $plorer when or erin, irefo has been confirme to  work' ,raduation Dates +ra &ation Dates ha!e been release b% 8*(' *i -3ear +ra &ates will be ra &atin on *on a%, ebr&ar%, / n  at 7E0 #* at )o?anles> 8olise&m' The $n of the 3ear +ra &ation will be on (&n a%, 9&ne 14 th  at /00 #* at )o?anles> 8olise&m' Details for both ceremonies will come at a later ate' N*T5S &(*% TH5 AK A&5T5('A  f %o&r st& ent recei!e free or re &ce price meals last %ear the E0 a% race perio is now o!er' As of October 7th all st& ents ha!e been con!erte back to pai meals' (t& ents will now nee mone% to pa% for an% p&rchases' f %o& wish to participate in the meal proram aain this  %ear please see the 8*( website &n er 8hil &trition an complete %o&r %earl% application' &rther @&estions please contact 8hil &trition at L;0-E4E-=041' 8*( polic% oes not allow hih school ae st& ents to chare their cafeteria p&rchases incl& in st& ent meals'#lease be s&re %o&r st& ent has cash or mone% on acco&nt to pa% for p&rchases' Online pa%ments ma% be ma e at www '   pa%pams 'com' 2eister with %o&r st& ent D n&mber'(t& ents owin mone% from mi le school m&st pa% their acco&nts promptl%' n or er to participate f&ll% in hih school acti!ities all ebt m&st be pai in f&ll' ettersha!e been sent home an will contin&e &ntil the balance is pai ' 9TS*  The AK#T(O Website is &p an r&nnin an is now acceptin cre it car B#a%#alC for the capital campain' #lease click on the link from the AK Website to fin &s' The #T(O is also on acebook' #lease ike Is To <nsu#s$ri#e f %o& wish to &ns&bscribe from this newsletter, please follow the irections on o&r    website &n er ro&p emails B&ns&bscribeC' 3o& can o so b% clickin here http MM   oo '   l M rfrD

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