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“Nothing but good news ! And Good people doing Great things! From Arlington, Cherry, Ladd, Seatonville/Hollowayville, Spring Valley,and Dalzell, Illinois” A “John the Barber Foundation” Publication VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 NOVEMBER 2014 “Who do you think you are” forgiveness example Is anyone out there watching the current TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” sponsored by Famous personalities are taken on a journey to understand their family’s deep past, using technology, hidden rec
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  A “John the Barber Foundaon” Publicaon   “Nothing but good news !   And Good people doing Great things! From Arlington, Cherry, Ladd, Seatonville/Hollowayville, Spring Valley,and Dalzell, Illinois” “Who do you think you are” forgiveness example Is anyone out there watching the current TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” sponsored by Famous personalities are taken on a journey to understand their family’s deep past, using technology, hidden records, history experts and trips all over the world. In many episodes the person is confronted with a situation where a relative from their family history acted in what appeared to be an unscrupulous way. Initially the personality would be upset with that person…..even though the event occurred at times hundreds of years ago by relatives they had never even heard of! Singer Reba McIntyre was very upset that her 8-times grandfather had sent his 9 year old son to the new world by himself as an indentured servant. Actor Kelsey Grammer was upset that his great grandfather had abandoned his great grandmother and child. Actor Brooke Shields had always had the perception that her grandmother had been a very mean person and had acted horribly to her mother. Ironically, deeper research into each story shows a different story. Reba’s 8-times great grandfather had sent his only son to the new world just after their wife/mother had died. Life in Europe was terrible at that time in the 17th century and the only chance the son would have in life would be in the new world. Grammer found that his great grandfather had lived a very tough life, coming to west coast via the dangerous Oregon trail, his father dying when he was at a young age. Because he was the youngest, he did not receive any of the family farm and was forced to move south to California on his own. Shields learned of the very difficult early life her grandmother went through…both parents and her brother dying when she was very young. In the end, all these people came away FORGIVING their centuries old ancestors. What a wonderful show! What a wonderful lesson for all of us.   VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2NOVEMBER 2014  PAGE 2 The “John the Barber” Foundaton   Box 88   Cherry, IL   61317   ”Don’t forget: Cherry United Church of Christ/ Holy Trinity Cherry Pie & Coffee Social Hour, first Thursday of each of month 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. at Cherry Church Hall. Bring a friend! DO SOMETHING GREAT and volunteer to be chairman for a month, please email or mail John the Barber. DO SOMETHING GREAT! Have your family or business sponsor the printing of “Up Ravioli Alley” one month! Email or mail John the Barber to learn how to do it! Thanks! “Here’s what people around the country are saying about “Up Ravioli Alley!” ã Kathy Davies Data Stewart on Facebook wrote to one of her “Friends,” “Hey Christopher Data... check out this little paper....’Up Ravioli Alley”…it’s so good!:) ã Bill Emmerling of Las Vegas, NV formerly of Spring Valley write, “I had the luxury of receiving a copy of “Up Ravioli Alley” from my cousin, Beverly Emmerling of Spring Valley. I had no idea that this publication was available! Reading several issues that were mailed to me was a Great experience! Keep up the Great work! Reading about Mautino’s tavern, Tonelli’s, and other places brought back many old memories! Please add me to your email distribution list! “ ã Debra Galetti Schultz of Bakersfield, California formerly of Seatonville writes, “My Aunt saved the “Up Ravioli Alley” newsletters they had received for me to read when I was home this summer. I love this little newsletter ! Reminds me how important it is to give to my srcinal home community!” (The perfect Seatonville name! Galetti – Schultz…kind of like being from Ladd and having the name Grivetti-Fiocchi!) ã Mary Michael of Princeton writes, “Please put me on the email list for “Up Ravioli Alley.” I go to church at Seatonville Congregational Independent and I liked the October issue. Pastor Bill Jacobsen has been telling us all about it! Thanks!” Holy Trinity Cherry…reaching out to strangers…delivers on second quarterly Filipino mass and potluck Again 100+ Filipino Americans from an hour in every direction attended the August 24, 2014 Filipino mass and pot luck at Holy Trinity Cherry. Great to reach out to strangers….and “bang” now they are friends! Wow! Father Joel Lopez, formerly of Sublette, IL and now of Wonder Lake, IL gave the mass with assistance from Father Pat. Father Joel is an awesome singer! Go to and click on “Watch the Mass On-line” and then click on “On Demand” and follow your way to the “Aug 24 Filipino Mass” and check it out! Do something Great! Don’t just buy local, buy personal! (Borrowed from a recent INC magazine) “Each of us can make that difference. Instead of buying local, go a step further and buy personal. Put aside price/value calculations and “survival of the fittest” thoughts and buy from your neighborhood businesses. What’s the worst that can happen? You might spend a little more. The meal might not be just right. The service might not be perfect. That’s okay! No matter what happens, be gracious. Be complimentary. Say something nice to the owner and to others about your experience. Say thank you.” JTB says “Do something Great! Go out of your way to support and help your small town businesses in Ravioli Alley! Buy ‘personal!’ “  Senior shut-in figures out how to do something truly Great! An URA reader writes, “I was reading “Up Ravioli Alley” and I suddenly felt a bit sad. I didn’t think I could do anything “Great” anymore. I am just not physically or financially capable of helping the needy and I really don’t live in a good spot for “reaching out to strangers.” My son said, ‘hey Dad according to ‘Up Ravioli Alley’ you can forgive someone…that would be something Great you could do from right here! Is there anyone out there that you feel you could forgive? “ He was right but I didn’t like the sounds of it at all! I have never openly forgiven anyone in my 80+ years although I have always been a church-going fella. The thought of doing it really made me nervous. I am just going to ask that it be published here in “Up Ravioli Alley” and I am hoping it gives me the courage to call him on the phone and say it. Well, here goes! “I forgive you for not treating me nice over the years and saying bad things to people about me. It hurt my feelings for many years but now that we are older, I know that you likely feel sorry about it too. I have definitely not been perfect either that is for sure. I look forward to us talking more and being better friends from here on out!” (JTB, I feel a little better already….did I do something just a little bit Great?) “John the Barber Foundation” changes it’s Facebook page name to “Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter” “Up Ravioli Alley” is a Great success. For this reason, we have decided to change our Facebook page name to “Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter.” As soon as we made the change, we zoomed to over 500 “Likes!” (Anyone who “Liked” and has been following The John the Barber Foundation Facebook page will automatically be following “the Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter” page). The John the Barber Foundation is still the core entity that creates, sponsors, and distributes the “Up Ravioli Alley” newsletter. We would like to remind all our readers that one of the strategic goals of the John the Barber Foundation is to help all Ravioli Alley non-for-profit entities in any way we can especially with advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts. If your church, men’s/women’s groups, scout group, etc. would ever like our help in promoting their events, please let us know. “Up Ravioli Alley” is read by over 5,000 people every month and the “Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter” Facebook page grows in popularity daily. We would love to see the “Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter” Facebook page be the main go-to Facebook page for the citizens of “Ravioli Alley.” “What does America Mean to Me” Essay State Contest Winner is Daughter, /Granddaughter of Proud “Ravioli Alley” Natives Claire Senica, daughter of Carla (Carlson) and Jim Senica, granddaughter of Sandy and Sheldon Carlson of RR Spring Valley/Ladd/Cherry recently was named a winner at the State level of the Elks Club “What does American Mean to Me” essay contest. Claire received a plaque and $1,000 award for her Great efforts! Send JTB an email at and we will email you a copy of this Great essay! Way to go Claire! Way to go Mom & Dad! Way to go Grandma/Grandpa!  “Up Ravioli Alley” Nickname Contest in September Issue Proves Too Much for Readers! Although many tried, NOBODY got all the nicknames matches in our September, 2014 issue! “John the Barber” is going to make a judgment call and award the JTB sweatshirt to Madeline McLaughlin of Spring Valley for coming the closest and showing the most enthusiasm! Check out the Great picture below of a Great nickname character from the contest Gino “Jada” Baldini. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2PAGE 3  PAGE 4 “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you!” - Lewis B. Smedes“You know those people you spend all your time trying to avoid …..Jesus spends all his time trying to know them!” “Live in Grace, Walk in Love” a quote from author Bob Goff “Ravioli Alley Translation: “ FORGIVE everyone all day, every day. DO LOVING (GREAT) things all day, every day. are watching you…they will learn from you! Hey Ladd Grade School Class of 1954 Doing Great Things! Challenges other Ladd Classes to do the Same! Members of the Ladd Community Consolidated School Class of 1954 met with Dave Margherio, Chairman of Ladd 125th Anniversary Committee, and Mayor Mike Grivetti to discuss Alumni activities during Ladd’s 125th Anniversary Celebration. They have had a number of reunions since graduating 60 years ago and continue to be the close-knit classmates as they were as students of LCCS. The group agreed to work with the Anniversary Committee to assure a successful and memorable 125th Celebration. The Class of ’54 whose Motto is “OUR GOAL IS THE TOP” challenges all the LCCS Alumni Classes who dare to match their contributions to this Anniversary Celebration—BRING EM ON!!! For other classes to find out more and participate there is a planning meeting at Ladd Library Sunday November 9, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. Please email Dave for more details at Members of the LCCS Class of ’54 and their mates. Standing left to right. Dave Margherio and Bob Ellerbrock. Seated: Karen Hopkins Walsh (’54), Terry Byvik, Charles Byvik (’54), Bud DeSerf and Carol Ann Lanzi DeSerf (’54). “Up Ravioli Alley” Needs Your Help Finding Assistant Editors/Field Reporters Help! “Up Ravioli Alley” needs an Assistant Editor to help us get the newsletter done each month….help layout and create content, dig for stories, etc. Please email or mail Box 88, Cherry, IL 61317 to find out more! Thanks!
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