Urbanization is a Modern Disease

Some authors believe that urbanization is a ‘Modern Disease’. In not less than 250 words explain if you agree with this view and give your own opinion
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   Urbanization is a modern disease In these modernized and sophisticated technological world people wants to constantly upgrade their life style, working conditions, education and other basic necessities. Resultantly, they start migrate from rural areas to urban areas which leads to increase in the urbanization, which is a harmful aspect at some extent for the future. Some authors believe that urbanization is a modern disease in the meantime. To my mind, they are right and I agree with this view. In this parley, I will highlight some repercussions of increase in the population of urban areas. There are so many repercussions behind the urbanization but in this piece of writing, I will highlight on some of them. Rapidly increase in the population of urban areas is polluting the environment at such an extent that ozone layer is depleting day by day which increases global warming and it is the most dangerous threat for the living things. Urbanization leads to increase in the traffic which creates frustration in people minds. Cities are becoming a concrete jungle with the passage of time, a drastic increase in the number of housing societies by deforestation, which is also a serious issue for getting fresh oxygen and to enjoy the blessings and beauty of the nature. People who shift from the country side to modern cities; mostly they failed to get any appropriate employment in the highly competitive environment of the cities which provokes them to start heinous crimes in order to fulfill their basic necessities of life. Resultantly, slums are possibly created because it is the appropriate shelter for those unemployed people. Consequently, criminals often born in these areas and to curb these criminals is a challenge to the metropolitan police. 10% farmers are seeding for the 90% people, which is an unbearable and huge load on the farmers. Degrading our nature caused natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, land sliding, volcano eruption are the most common. Human beings are constantly destroying the nature on the name of progress and  development to raise their living standard, which is not an achievement, in reality it’s the seeding of devastation and to deteriorate our life’s.  To sum up this writing, I just want to blow my whistle as loud as I can to wake up those rural residents to stop migrating from their beloved birth place, in this way, we can also prevent our life ’ s to entangle into the abyss. You and I can raise our living standards on our birth place areas by just putting a painstakingly efforts. No one can prevent all of us from further catastrophes because we already devastate this beloved land so much and if we don’t stop destroying this planet more, then one day it will be a necropolis.


Jul 23, 2017
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