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  EATON Vickers Screw-In Cartridge Valves V-VLOV-MC001-E4 September, 2007 F-34 PFRD/S-16 Priority flow regulator valveDescriptionThe PFR*-16 is a spooltype, screw-in, load-sens-ing priority flow regulatorcartridge valve. RATINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS Performance data is typical with fluid at 21,8 cSt (105 SUS) and 49°C (120°F)  Typical application pressure (all ports)280 bar (4000 psi)Cartridge fatigue pressure (infinite life)280 bar (4000 psi)Rated inlet flow150 L/min (40 USgpm)Temperature range-40° to 100° C (-40° to 210° F)CavityC–16–5SFluidsAll general purpose hydraulic fluids such as:MIL–H–5606, SAE 10, SAE 20, etc.FiltrationCleanliness code 18/16/13Housing materials (standard)SteelWeight cartridge only0,47 kg (1.05 lbs.)Seal kit202915-922Internal leakage164cc/min (10 in 3  /min) @ 3000 PSIDRecommended L/S orifice0.036” (not included in valve) Functional Symbols Dynamic Signal (PFRD) Profile ViewPressure Drop CurvesCartridge only 4CF2EF5LS 13 P 4CF2EF5LS 13 P 12345 LSCFPEF OperationThis valve is used in theflow control mode. Pumpflow from the valve inletport 3 is delivered first toport 4 at a fixed rate;excess flow is bypassed toport 2. The valve maintainsthe controlled flow to 4regardless of inlet pressurechange or load pressurechanges at 2 or 4. Thisvalve is typically used withopen loop load sense sys-tems in steering and brak-ing circuits. The static typeis used for less difficultapplications whereresponse or circuit stabilityis not a problem. Thedynamic type is used fordifficult applications whereresponse or circuit stabilityare critical. The load senseline connected to port 5should not exceed 2Meters (6 Feet) in length.Overpressure protection forthe circuits connected toports 2 and 4 must be pro-vided by external relief valves. The control pressureis determined by assuringadequate inlet pressure tothe steering unit and mustbe matched to the steeringunit’s required flow. Thecontrol pressure must besupplied to the valve as aminimum inlet pressure.The pressure at port 4 canvary by 10% when the loadat the excess flow port 2varies from 0 to max pres-sure. Static Signal (PFRS) 050100150200250051015202530354045 3875114151371014Flow - USgpmP to EF    P  r  e  s  s  u  r  e   d  r  o  p  p  s   i Flow - L/min    P  r  e  s  s  u  r  e   d  r  o  p   b  a  r NotesMinimum inlet flow shouldnot be less than 1/4 ofmaximum inlet flow.Minimum pressure drop is determined by controlpressure.NotePort 1 unused, port shouldbe plugged.  EATON Vickers Screw-In Cartridge Valves V-VLOV-MC001-E4 September, 2007 F-35 F Model CodePFRS/D-16 17.8 (.70) 96.3 (3.79) 1.50 HEX1 5/16 -2 UN-2A12345LSCFPEF Dimensions mm (inch) Torque cartridge in housing A – 108-122 Nm (80-90 ft. lbs) S – 136–149 Nm (100–110 ft. lbs) FunctionPFRS – Priority flow regulator Static signal typePFRD – Priority flowregulator Dynamic signal typeSize16 – 16 SizeSealsU – Urethane (standard)Bod   yO – Cartridge onlyA – AluminumS – Steel (standard)Por   ts*Control Pressure PFRS options065 psi (4.5 bar)130 psi (8.9 bar)160 psi (11.0 bar)PFRD options080 psi (5.5 bar)110 psi (7.6 bar)130 psi (9.0 bar)Special fe   atures 00  – None(Only required if valve hasspecial features, omitted if “00”.) 1234567 CODE PORT SIZEHOUSING NUMBER Port 2, 3, 4Port 5AluminumSteel 000 No Body––– 12T SAE 12SAE 44994880-0014994881-001 16T SAE 16SAE 44994880-0024994881-002 06G 3/4” BSPP1/4” BSPP4994880-0034994881-003 08G 1” BSPP1/4” BSPP4994880-0044994881-004 *These model digits will not be stamped on the valve.See section J for housing details. Aluminum hous-ings can be usedfor pressures up to210 bar (3000 psi)Steel housings must be usedfor operating pressures above 210 bar (3000 psi)   ã NoteStandard housings includeport 1, however for mostapplications this port mustbe blocked. PFR*16 U*******00 1345276


Jul 23, 2017
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