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  SOUND SOUND BOARDS PLAYER MIDI-FILE / MP3 Audio STYLES DESKTOP V3 Live Entertainment Instrument Limex   music  APRIL 2013 CONTROL Instrumentation  PLAYERCONTROLSOUND An electronic musical instrument that can be used with any MIDI instrument, the V3 combines three different tools in one. THE DESKTOP V3 The DESKTOP V3 offers many top-quality sounds with its built-in HQ260 sound board. But for traditional folk music, whose sounds vary greatly from region to region, specialists need more. Our exclusive series of sound boards deliver the-se sounds, and the DESKTOP V3 has room for up to three sound boards.All your settings for a piece of music can be called up with the press of a button. Up to 16 sounds can be distributed to any MIDI channel. The new instrumentation mode offers fas-cinating possibilities for your musical arrangements.Play your MIDI files, MP3 audio files and over 400 styles with the multiplayer.  The V3 offers all the standard control functions: You can choose sounds from categories, assign sounds to any key using layering and keyboard splits, set the volume and other parameters, and save it all in a registration.  But the V3 can do more!   S  o  u  n  d  C  O  N  T  R  O  L  o ne - o f - a - k i n d  p o l y p h o n i c  i n s t r u me n t a t i o n SOUND CONTROL Combining individual sounds with musical functions is the novel and inspiring capability of the DESKTOP V3.The V3 allows you to play a Tenor Sax when you play one note at a time.However, play two notes together and the V3 intelligently gives you the ability to have the Tenor Sax playing the top note and say a Trumpet playing the bottom note.The best thing about the V3 is that you don’t have to adjust yourperformance to make it sound more musical.  ONE-STEP We offer you the greatest luxury during your performance — time for the music itself — we put the whole concept of the user interface on a new footing. More specifically, we put it on one foot. With a tap on one foot pedal, you can call up various parameters simultaneously — and more than once. The V3 gives you the freedom to keep your attention on the music and your audience, rather than on controlling the sound and sound changes. Scene I > II > III > IV Each scene contains a selection of sounds that you have chosen for this section of the piece. When you switch the scene from “I” to “II”, the activated sounds will play on the next key you press. The V3 can LINK the scenes I-IV to the variations A, B, C & D in the Style arranger. Now, every click of the foot pedal allows you to change sounds AND style variations (with or without Fills). REGISTRATIONS All the parameters you need for your musical piece are saved in a registration and called up by its number. Selecting the registration also calls up any pre-set MP3, MIDI file or Style.LIMEX have already pre-programmed many generic styles of music for you and also many popular songs from ”ABBA“ to ”Zucchero“.   S  o  u  n  d  C  O  N  T  R  O  L  J u s t  o ne  s te p
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