Vb .Net Dataaccesss Vii

Vb .Net Dataaccesss Vii
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  VB .NET Database Access  Microsoft Universal Data Access ã ODBC: Open Database Connectivity  –  A driver manager  –  Used for relational databases ã OLE DB: The OLE database protocol  –  Allows a program to access information in many types of data source.  –  Data provider: databases, spreadsheets, etc. ã ADO.NET: ActiveX Data Objects  –  An Interface for OLE DB.  –  Allow programmers to use a standard set of objects to refer to any OLE DB data source.  .Net Applications OLE DB Provider OLE DB Data Source OLE DB Provider ODBC ODBC Data Source SQL Server Data Source SQL Server .Net Data Provider OLE DB .Net Data Provider ADO.Net  Using ODBC ã Windows 2000/2003: ã Control Panel /Administrative Tools/DataSource(ODBC) ã Three types of data source names  –  User DSN: usable only by you and only on the machine currently using.  –  System DSN: Any one using the machine can use.  –  File DSN: Can be copied and used by other computers with the same driver installed.

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