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  VDA QMC disclaimer: VDA QMC provide you as a participant of a seminar, free of charge, with the following excel data file for use of assessment and reporting of VDA 6.3 potential analysis. The use of this excel based reporting is at users risk only.VDA QMC as well as the designer of this data file do not take over any responsibility for correctness of calculations and proposed classifications.The whole data file is not secured or blocked in any areas. All boxes can changed resp. deleted. The user of this data file has no claim for any support as well as updates from VDA QMC or the designers. User shall use the entry boxes only, to ensure that the formulas of the assessment tool will not be damaged. This will be exemplified during the training in detail. Users have no claim for support as well as updates by VDA QMC and/or the designers of this tool. Copyright: The datafile is copyright of VDA QMC. Every use or hand over to third parties which violate the copyright of VDA QMC is illegal and incure a penalty as long as there is no acceptance by VDA QMC. This in particular is relevant for any copies, translations, micro films, saving and handling in electronic systems.  Produkt- und Prozessaudit Data input to create report Contract:   Date:   Reason for contract:Contract issued by (name, dep.): Auditor:Department:Lead auditor:Department:Suppl.-No.:   Function:Name:AuditeeDUNS-No.:Top management:Supplier/Organization:   Production management:Street:   Quality management:Production site (location):   Customer support: Authorisied person of organization:Design/Development:Production site (postal code):Phone:Fax:Certificate- / Audit base No.:Issue-Date:Conducted by:Result: Product group : First:Second:Third:FourthProd.-Gr.-No. (acc. catalog): abcd Prod. Titel (acc. catalog): Process steps:Title: E1 - E10Process step-No.:last audit: result1one EU1P2 (E PM ) 2two EU2P3 (E PP ) 3three EU3P4 (E PR ) 4four  EU4P5 (E LM ) 5five EU5P6 (E PG ) 6six EU6P7 (E K ) 7seven EU7 8eight9nine PVEG 10ten ZIKORI Product group 1Product group 2Product group 3Product group 4Process stepsa Product group no. b Product group no. c Product group no. d Product group no. one x two x three x four  x five x six x seven x eight x nine x ten x Distribution at audited organization: Company (short version): Org. Distrubution 1 company:Distrubution 2 company:Distrubution 3 company: Distribution internally: DepartmentName1.: QualityYX 2.: PurchasingYC 3.: DevelopmentWW 4.:5.:6.:7.:8.:9.:10.: Process elementsGeneric baseline Assessment element Overall achievementPlease entry the results of the last audit in this boxesNames of the auditees will be shown in sheet explanation Boxes in blue are entry boxes!Allocation of process steps to prduct group by using X in the boxes:ATTENTION !!! Calculation of product groups is not supported by this Excel tool. Here it is possible to calculate the assessment manually!Last audit results / certificates  I ,  Contract: ADevelopment P2Project management  Achievement levels [%] G1G2G3G4 .*.*.* PVZIKORI n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. P3Planning the product and process developement ProductProcess .*.*. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E PdP n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E PzP n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. P4Carrying out the prduct and process development ProductProcess .**. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E PdR n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E PzR n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. BSerial production .5.1*.*.5.5*. P5Supplier management n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. P6Process analysis production  1 Process input7 Transport and part handling 6.1.1*.*.*6.2.4****6.5.4*6.6.1* . G1G2G3G4 Process step 1:one E 1 PVZIKORI n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 2:two E 2 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 3:three E 3 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 4:four  E 4 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 5:five E 5 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 6:six E 6 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 7:seven E 7 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 8:eight E 8 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 9:nine E 9 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Process step 10:ten E 10 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.  Assessment of sub-elements in the process analysis (mean value stages 1 - n) 10 n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E PG n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Transport and part handling: E u1 E u2 E u3 E u4 E u5 E u6 E u7 .7.1*.*. P7Customer support / Customer satisfaction/ Service n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. E K n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. PVZIKORI  Achievement level:Classified: Classified:Note: Entry n.b. = question not assessed. Per assessed element 2/3 of all questions must be assessed.Classification results (A,B,C) must be reviewed by the auditor bearing in mind the downgrading rules! Generic baseline n.b.n.b. Process step achievement level n.b. E PM n.b. E PR E PP E D  [%]n.b.E P [%]n.b. n.b.n.b. n.b.n.b.n.b. 5 Process effectiveness level n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. Achievement level against generic baseline: n.b. Generic baseline4 Material Ressources6 Process result / output n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. 3 Process support2 Work content / Process sequence n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b. VDA VDA 6.3 Process Audit: Assessment Matrix without product group calculation n.b. n.b. n.b.n.b. n.b. n.b. E LM n.b.n.b.n.b. Overall achievement level E G: E PM  + E PP + E PR 3 E D  [%] = E LM  + E PG  + E K 3 E P  [%] = E PdP + E PzP 2 E PP  [%] = E PdR + E PzR 2 E PR  [%] = E PM +E PP +E PR +E LM +E PG +E K 6 E G  [%] =   n.a. n.a. Nutzung ohne Gewähr ! I ,  234791213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849 ABCDEFGHIJKLMN Process audit  Result VDA 6.3 Questionaire process audit Location:  No.QuestionWeaknesses/recommended actions, findings Project management      G    e    n    e    r    a     l     l    y 2.1 Is the project organisation (project management) established and are tasks & authorities specified for the team leader and team members? n.b. 2.2x  Are the resources required for the project development planned and available and are all changes displayed? n.b.entry text 2.3 Is there a project plan and has this been agreed with the customer?n.b.entry text 2.4 Is change management in the project ensured by the project organisation?n.b.entry text 2.5x  Are the responsible personnel within the organisation and in the customer's company involved in the change control system?n.b.entry text 2.6 Is there a QM plan for the project? Is this implemented and monitored regularly for compliance?n.b.entry text 2.7x Is there an established escalation process and is this implemented effectively?n.b.entry text P3Planning of the product- and process development      P    r    o     d    u    c     t     P    r    o    c    e    s    s 3.1  Are the product and process-specific requirements laid down?n.b.n.b.entry text 3.2x Has manufacturing feasibility been assessed in a cross-functional manner, based on the requirements which have been determined for product & process?n.b.n.b.entry text 3.3  Are there plans for the product and process development?n.b.n.b.entry text 3.4 Have the necessary resources been taken into account for the product and process development?n.b.n.b.entry text 3.5 Is QM planning arranged for sourcing bought-in products and services? n.b.n.b.entry text P4Carrying out the product- and process development      P    r    o     d    u    c     t     P    r    o    c    e    s    s 4.1 Have the Product FMEA / Process FMEA been drawn up? Are they up-dated as the project progresses and are corrective actions laid down?n.b.n.b.entry text 4.2  Are the stipulations arising from the plans for product and process development put into effect?n.b.n.b.entry text 4.3  Are the personnel resources in place and qualified? n.b.n.b.entry text 4.4 Is the infrastructure in place and appropriate?n.b.n.b.entry text 4.5x Based on the requirements, are the necessary evidence and releases available for the various phases?n.b.n.b.entry text 4.6  Are the productions control plans used for the various phases and are production, test and inspection documents derived from them? n.b. n.b.entry text 4.7 Has a pre-production run been carried out under serial production conditions to obtain production approval / release? n.b. n.b.entry text 4.8  Are the planning activities associated with sourcing outside products and services implemented effectively?n.b.n.b.entry text 4.9 Is the transfer of the project to production controlled in order to secure the product launch?n.b.n.b.entry text P5 Supplier management      G    e    n    e    r    a     l     l    y 5.1x  Are only approved/released and quality-capable suppliers selected?n.b.entry text 5.2  Are the customer's requirements taken into account in the supply chain?n.b.entry text 5.3 Have target agreements for delivery performance been agreed with suppliers and put into operation?n.b.entry text 5.4x  Are the necessary approvals/releases available for the out-sourced products and services?n.b.entry text 5.5x Is the quality of the out-sourced products and services ensured?n.b.entry text 5.6  Are incoming goods stored appropriately?n.b.entry text 5.7  Are personnel qualified for the various tasks and are responsibilities defined?n.b.entry text P6Process analysis / Production 6.1 What goes into the process ? (process input)      o    n    e     t    w    o     t     h    r    e    e     f    o    u    r     f     i    v    e    s     i    x    s     i    x    s    e    v    e    n    n     i    n    e     t    e    n 6.1.1x Has the project been transferred from development to serial production?n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.entry text 6.1.2  Are the necessary quantities / production batch sizes of incoming materials available at the right time and at the right place (stores; work-station)?n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.entry text 6.1.3  Are incoming materials stored appropriately and are transport facilities / packing arrangements suitable for the special characteristics of the incoming materials?n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.entry text 6.1.4  Are the necessary identifications / records / approvals available and allocated appropriately to the incoming materials? n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.n.b.entry text      *     S     t    a    r    s Contract-No:Date:Entried process steps according to the demand is activating carry over of assessment into the action plan! Prozess steps 4.7 ist für die Produktentwicklung n icht a nwendbar 4.6 ist für die Produktentwicklung n icht a nwendbar    n.a. n.a. I ,
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