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Technical Vendors Selection Procedure
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  Selecting the Right Technology Vendor  Author: NPower Network OVERVIEW For many organizations the success or failure of IT initiatives is predicated on the selection of the appropriate technology vendor. espite the critical nature of this process! many organizations underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a well informed decision. This document is meant to serve as a guide to help you understand and think through the critical steps in the vendor selection process. As you read this! please keep in mind that as an organization goes through the vendor selection process it is not uncommon for other #usiness processes or organizational needs to #e revealed. It is important to remem#er that technology pro$ects are often not $ust a#out the technology! #ut rather the health and effective ness of the entire organization. This article focuses on the process of selecting a vendor! and assumes that other important organizational change management issues are #eing addressed in concert tosupport this process. SEVEN STEP MODEL  12 ASSESS FEASIBILIT % Is this via#le for my organization& !AT ER RE#$IREMENTS % 'hat does my organization need&  RESEAR% & REFINE OPTIONS % 'hat solutions(vendors might fit my needs&  EVAL$ATE VENDORS % 'hat is the #est fit for my organization)s needs&  SELE%T & EN!A!E VENDOR % Is this a reasona#le price and contract&  MANA!E IMPLEMENTATION % *as the vendor delivered on its promises&  S$PPORT & MAINTENAN%E % *ow will we maintain the solution and support it&   This article was supported by a grant from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation |  1

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