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  FORMS OF VERBS Study the pictures and sentences given below. In the sentences given above the words runs, ran, had run, drink, drank, had drunk, catches, caught, and had caught are verbs. Verbs speak about an action. Verbs have four forms. Sally runs  a mile every day. Jerry ran  off as soon as he saw Tom. Frank had run  the whole way to the shop. I drink  8 glasses of water every day. He had drunk  himself unconscious on vodka. He drank  from a tumbler. She catches   the train at 9 o’clock.  The dog caught  the stick in its mouth. The police had caught  the thief before he could get away  The first form : It is the basic present tense form. It is also used as an infinitive with ‘ to ’ . The Second form : It is the simple past form. The third form : It is the past participle form. The fourth form : It is the present participle form, written with a suffix  –  ing. Read and Practise aloud. Base form Simple past form Past Participle form Present Participle form  beat beat beaten beating  become became become becoming  bend bent bent bending  bleed bled bled bleeding  bring brought brought bringing  build built built Building  burn bunt burnt burning  buy bought bought buying catch caught caught catching come came come coming deal dealt dealt dealing dig dug dug digging dream dreamt dreamt dreaming feed fed fed feeding feel felt felt feeling fight fought fought fighting find found found finding get got got getting hang hung hung hanging have had had having hear heard heard hearing hold held held holding keep kept kept keeping lay laid laid laying lie lied lied lying lead led led leading learn learnt learnt learning leave left left leaving lend lent lent lending light lit lit lighting Base form Simple past form Past Participle form Present Participle form lose lost lost losing make made made making mean meant meant meaning meet met met meeting  pay paid paid paying run ran run running say said said saying sell sold sold selling send sent sent sending sit sat sat sitting sleep slept slept sleeping smell smelt smelt smelling spend spent spent spending spill spilt spilt spilling sweep swept swept sweeping teach taught taught teaching tell told told telling think thought thought thinking under-stand under- stood under- stood under-standing win won won winning wind wound wound winding All the forms different  be (am, is, are) was/ were  been being  begin began begun beginning   Practise these verbs repeatedly till they are sunk in. Look up a bilingual dictionary for the meanings of the verbs given above. sew sewed sewn sewing shake shook shaken Shaking show showed shown showing sing sang sung singing sink sank sunk sinking speak spoke spoken speaking steal stole stolen Stealing swim swam swum swimming take took taken taking tear tore torn tearing throw threw thrown throwing wake woke woken waking wear wore worn wearing write wrote written writing The first three forms are same  bet bet bet betting  burst burst burst bursting cost cost cost costing cut cut cut cutting hit hit hit hitting hurt hurt hurt hurting let let let letting  put put put putting read read read reading set set set setting shut shut shut shutting split split split split spread spread spread spreading Base form Simple past form Past Participle form Present Participle form  begin began begun beginning  bite bit bitten biting  blow blew blown blowing  break broke broken breaking choose chose chosen choosing do did done doing drink drank drunk drinking drive drove driven driving eat ate eaten eating fall fell fallen falling fly flew flown flying forget forgot forgotten forgetting forgive forgave forgiven forgiving freeze froze frozen freezing give gave given Giving row grew grown growing hid hid hidden hiding know knew known Knowing lie lay lain lying mistake mistook mistaken mistaking ride rode ridden riding ring rang rung ringing rise rose risen rising see saw seen seeing
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