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1. Ten Tips To Run IT And The Data CenterIn A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureVernon TurnerSenior Vice President Copyright 2010 IDC | Reproduction is forbidden…
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  • 1. Ten Tips To Run IT And The Data CenterIn A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureVernon TurnerSenior Vice President Copyright 2010 IDC | Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Agenda Define A Converged Infrastructure What Are The Key Requirements For Converged Infrastructure The Ten Tips Essential Guidance ©2010 IDC | 2
  • 3. What Is A Converged Infrastructure A Converged Infrastructure treats server, storage and network infrastructure resources as pools, to be assigned as needed to Business Services Converged Infrastructure Maturity MapPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3• Integration Of Traditional • Tight Integration Of • Integration of IT Services (Hardware Functionality Systems Management and e.g. Outsourcing, SaaS, PaaS,( e.g. Combining servers Control Software Into Cloud Computing) Blendedand network equipment) Hardware Functionality Into A Unified Computing Framework ©2010 IDC | 3
  • 4. Without A Converged Infrastructure, Is There A Cloud?Consolidate Virtualize Automate Provision Cloud ure uct ra str d Inf ve rge on fC lO eve gL sin Self rea Inc Provision Metering & Metering & Chargeback Chargeback Mobility Mobility Mobility Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor ©2010 IDC | 4
  • 5. Is The Customer Ready For The Converged Infrastructure?Where On The Adoption Cycle Are We? What is your organizations’ approach to Visibility Converged computing? Never Consider 27 Unheard 15 Against 8 Plan 14 Consider 35 0 10 20 30 40 2010 % Respondents Time Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 5
  • 6. The Importance Of Virtualization & Systems Management Virtualization Adoption Rates Are A Leading Indicator For Converged Infrastructure Plans Systems Management & Automation Has The Most Appeal Server & Storage 60 Virtualization Adoption Rates50 Storage & Not Sure40 30 Network3020 010 Other Server & Network0 Never Never Consider Consider Plan Current Heard Consider But Not Using Use Systems Mgmt & Fiber Channel & Using Automation Ethernet High Virt. Adoption Large Enterprise Technology Leader Low ( <15%) Medium (<49%) High ( +50%) Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 6
  • 7. What Are The Top Two Benefits Of A Converged Infrastructure?Total N=250Cost Reduction/Saving 52%Simplified Management 36%Better Availability 12%Increased Flexibility 11%Higher Utilization 10%Don’t Know 10%Save On IT Staff/ 7%HeadcountLower HW Costs 7%Disaster Recovery 6%Lower TCO 3%Better Energy Use 2% Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 7
  • 8. What Are The Top Two Challenges Of A Converged Infrastructure?Total N=250Cost Prohibitive 39%Skilled Staff 32%Difficult To Integrate To 29%Existing InfrastructureCultural Barriers 15%Security 12%Don’t Know 10%Technology Maturity/ 9%ImaturityVendor Lockin 5% Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 8
  • 9. What Will It Take For Customers To Implement A Converged Infrastructure? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rate how likely is it that your organization will utilize a Converged computing environment over the next three years? Use a 0-10 scale where 0=Not at all Likely and 10=Extremely Likely.0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Customers need to be convinced that this will improve their business, not just IT Organizations will need a mature approach to management operations. – Service Management Move from focusing on managing individual devices, to defining what they manage in terms of services. Converged Infrastructure demand automation and standardization Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 9
  • 10. Individual Markets Impacted By Converged Infrastructure 2010 2013 Systems SW Management $13.6B $16.7B Security SW Management $19.4B $25.1B Virtual Machine SW Management $1.4B $2.0 B Network Management $3.0B $4.0BStorage Systems SW Management $13.0B $16.2B Systems Management $35.0B $41.0BServer Network Storage $100 B $115 B $198 B $220 B ©2010 IDC | 10
  • 11. The Impact On Individual Markets By Converged Infrastructure. CI Impact 2013 Systems SW Management $18 B Security SW Management $26 B Virtual Machine SW Management $2 B Network Management $5 BStorage Systems SW Management $17 B Systems Management $43 BServer Network Storage $101 B $212 B ©2010 IDC | 11
  • 12. Customers Are Still Deciding Who To Work With The Vendor Opportunity Cisco Dell  IBM and Cisco have leading mind-share in large business EMC  HP has gotten off to a fast HP start in small and medium IBM business Microsoft  Microsoft and EMC ( with VMWare) lack customer Others awarenessDont Know  Dell’s best opportunities lie in medium sized businesses 0% 50% 100% within manufacturing and professional services Which vendor has the best opportunity to deliver on this objective? Financial Manufacturing Infras Svcs Distribution Professional Svs Health Gov/Ed Source: IDC Enterprise Platforms Survey, Jan 2010 (N=255) ©2010 IDC | 12
  • 13. The Ten Tips To Run A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureTip 1: Implement A Mature Approach To Management Operations Move From Individual Device / Application Management To Defined Service Management – Go Beyond ITIL And Get To Policy-Based Services – Dynamically Automate Resource Allocation To Workloads.Tip 2: Embrace Standardization The More Diverse The Infrastructure, The Harder It Is To Automate – Demand Highly Standardized Workloads & Virtual Images Implement Consistent Patch,Upgrade Management, Automated Discovery and ComplianceTip 3: Invest In Performance Monitoring & Analytics Applications & Workloads Will Become More Intelligent And Proactively ‘Call’ For Resources – Traditional Resource Allocation Automation Relies On ‘Reaction On Action’ ©2010 IDC | 13
  • 14. The Ten Tips To Run A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureTip 4: Revamp The IT Organization Structure. IT doesn’t have a Converged Infrastructure Business Model – they still have P&L structures. The CFO has to be sold on the concept as much as the CIO.Tip 5: Legacy Systems Need A Seamless Transition Path. Converged Infrastructure has limited or no support for multiple platforms. Legacy systems inherently no dot integrate with other management systemsTip 6: Train IT Staff To Support IT Resource Planning. Storage Managers and Capacity Planners will need to take on new roles and responsibilities due to the increased level of Systems Management and Automation: – Will we see a reduction in staff? – Will we see new attributes where staff now manage information? ©2010 IDC | 14
  • 15. The Ten Tips To Run A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureTip 7: Install A Charge Back System Granular and measures resource consumption at the smallest unit of work. Simple annual ( or semi-annual cost allocation processes won’t work). Vendors will be expected to have the ability to provide easy to access usage statistics across multiple metric dimensionsTip 8: Promote The Benefits Of Web-based Service Catalogs IT organizations understand they must be able to communicate to end users what they are allowed to get and at what frequency and in some cases for how much. Converged Infrastructures and Cloud Computing adoption will be hampered without an IT service catalogue."Tip 9: Clearly Understand The Impact Of Network Convergence Vendors will have to explain their Converged Infrastructure strategy in conjunction with the IT department’s Converged Network implementation. ©2010 IDC | 15
  • 16. The Ten Tips To Run A Converged, Intelligent InfrastructureTip 10: Converged Intelligent Infrastructures will demand Foundational Network Services Definition: A Virtual Network Service is a network service, traditionally deployed as an appliance, that is now deployed in a virtual machine form factor. It is a virtual appliance with network functionality. Systems SW Management Security SW Management Virtual Machine SW Management Network Management Storage Systems SW Management Systems Management Server Network Storage Potential Market Opportunity ©2010 IDC | 16
  • 17. Essential Guidance1. Converged Infrastructure Needs Evangelists – This Is A New Market.2. Vendors Will Need To Demonstrate A High Degree Of Market Agility – The Industry Is Ripe For Consolidation.3. Don’t Let A Broad Product & Go To Market Portfolio Assume You Have A Leadership Advantage.4. Vendors Who Bring Sophisticated, Service Oriented Automation and Workload Management, Provisioning & End-To-End Performance Optimization Will Take The Lead. ©2010 IDC | 17
  • 18. Contact Information Email me at  Please fill out your Directions evaluation form  Please have your badge scanned to receive follow- up information ©2010 IDC | 18
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