Vessel Cleaning Procedure

A procedure for cleaning vessel internally to avoid hazards before working on it regarding repair or rework of in-service equipments.
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  VESSEL INTERNAL CLEANINGPROCEDURE VESSEL INTERNAL CLEANINGPROCEDURE NameDesignationSignatureDate  VESSEL INTERNAL CLEANINGPROCEDURE Prepared ByApproed ByReie!ed By  VESSEL INTERNAL CLEANINGPROCEDURE Purpose  The purpose of this procedure is to dene the requirements and activities involved for conducting pressure vessel internal cleaning. #S$ope  This procedure is applicable for internal cleaning of completed Pressureretaining items or part fabricated in accordance with Code after completion of all heat treatment and NDE, as applicable, but prior to painting. t would also beapplicable prior to an! repair or alteration of pressure retaining items. %Terms & De'nitions ã  # uthori$ed nspector ã %&E # merican %ociet! of &echanical Engineers ã Equipment # Pressure retaining items constructed as per Code. ã PPE # Personnel Protective Equipments ã P'(T # Post 'eld (eat Treatment ã ) *)C # )ualit! ssurance + )ualit! Control ã )C # )ualit! Control nspector (Responsi)i*ities ã ncharge Production ã ncharge ) *)C ã )ualit! Control nspector  VESSEL INTERNAL CLEANINGPROCEDURE+Genera* Re,uirements +- C*eaning .edium/ +- - Clean fresh water shall be used as cleaning -uid during vessel internalcleaning. n case of ustenitic %tainless steel materials, potable water withmaimum chlorine content /00 parts per million shall be used as a cleaning-uid. +- -#  The cleaning -uid 1water2 shall be treated if called for b! the Client3sspecication with corrosion inhibitors. +-#Temperature o0 C*eaning .edium/ +-#- t is recommended that the metal temperature during cleaning be maintainedat least /0 ° C above the minimum design metal temperature specied on themanufacturing drawing and maimum temperature shall not be more than45 ° C. +-%Preparation 0or C*eaning/ +-%-  The ).C. nspector shall verif! that all welding, nondestructive eamination,P'(T 1if applicable2 and other related inspections have been completed andaccepted to the satisfaction of the  before ta6ing up the item for cleaning. The item should not have an! coating applied prior to test at weld 7oints +-%-# n case of repair or alteration 7ob, )C inspector shall verif! that no wor6inghas been started before cleaning of vessel internall! has been completed. +-%-% ll instruments, epansion 7oints and appurtenances 1control valves,compressors, pumps, turbines + indicating devices2 which do not form part of the cleaning shall be removed or otherwise isolated from the cleanings!stem.
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