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  1 Multiple Choice Questions - Paper 1   Instructions for candidates The examination consists of 30 multiple choice questions, each divided into 5 different parts. Each part contains a statement which could be true or false. Each question will have at least one part which is true. For each part, you should indicate whether you thin it is true !T , false !F , or don#t now !$% . &ou must fill in the relevant square with a blac pen. 'ne mar will be (iven for each correct answer and one mar deducted for each incorrect answer. &ou will not be mared for those questions for which you have indicated )don#t now). 1. Viruses *ontain both $%+ and %+-ay have an envelopeave their own metabolism-ay contain en/ymes for replication*ell wall  2. The following are DN !iruses erpesviruses'rthomyxovirusesEnterovirusesepadnavirusesarvoviruses  . The following are #N !iruses icornaviruses+denoviruses  2 apillomaviruseshabdovirusesotaviruses  $. %i!e attenuated !accines are a!aila&le against the following !iruses 1nfluen/a + 2irusepatitis  2irusubella 2irus&ellow Fever 2irus 2aricella4oster 2irus  '. The following anti!iral agents is acti!e against the following !irus 6amivudine and 126amivudine and 2+mantidine and 1nfluen/a  virusibavirin and 72+cyclovir and 72  (. )erpes *i+ple, ncephalitis *ommonly affect the temporal lobe1s usually dia(nosed by culture of the *7F-ay be dia(nosed by * of the *7F  3 7hould be treated with 12 (anciclovir -ay be dia(nosed by the findin( of specific antibody in the *7F   . The following state+ents are true of Varicella-/oster Virus  *auses a maculopapular rashespond to +T therapyemains latent in sensory (an(lia followin( primary infectionecurrent episodes of 7hin(les usually occur atients with shin(les are not infectious  0. Cto+egalo!irus CMV3 rimary infection is usually symptomatic+n infectious mononucleosis4lie syndrome may occur durin( primary infection.-ay cause severe infection in immunocompromised individuals1s terato(enic*auses 8awasai9s $isease  4. pstein-5arr Virus 5V3 is associated with 1nfectious -ononucleosisepatitisuritt9s lymphoma %asopharyn(eal carcinoma'ral leuoplaia  16. ))V-( is associated with  4 Fifth diseaseoseala 1nfantum8aposi9s 7arcoma1nfectious -ononucleosis4lie illness'ral leuoplaia    11. deno!iruses +re associated with (enital cancers-ay cause (astroenteritis-ay cause con:unctivitis-ay cause pneumonia-ay cause warts  12. Papillo+a!iruses 24; and 24<< are associated with (enital cancers24<; and 24<= are associated with (enital cancers>arts caused by papillomaviruses may respond to interferon therapyapillomavirus infection is commonly dia(nosed by viral culture+re associated with pro(ressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy !-6   1 . Co,sac7ie 5 Virus is associated with the following  aralytic illness-yocarditis
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