Virus Rack Owners Manual

Virus Rack Owners Manual
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  ©2000, 2001 Access Music GmbH, Germany. Virus™ is a trademark of Access Music GmbH. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. All features and specifications subject to change without notice. Written by Christoph Kemper, Uwe G. Hönig, Wiland Samolak Guido Kirsch and Marc Schlaile.Translation by Thomas Green. Graphic design and DTP by Babylonwaves Media. | The Virus - Resistance is futile.  Table Of Contents  2  Important Safety Remarks - Set-up6- Connections7- Operation7- Memory battery change8- Care8- Fitness for Purpose8  Prologue  Introduction The Virus14 - Cable Connections15- Power Up the Virus15- Listening to the Factory Sounds16- Listening to the Multi Programs17- Your First Sound Program17 The Amplifier Envelope19The First Filter22Filter Modulation25The Saturation Stage27The Second Filter28Filter Routing32The First Oscillator34The Second Oscillator37The MIXER Section39The LFOs41 - LFO 142- The modulation targets42- LFO 245 Volume and panorama46 - Volume and Panorama Position46 Velocity47Unison Mode48The Chorus/Flanger Effect49The Delay Effect50More to Come51  Concept and Operation Operating Modes54The Multi-Single Mode55the Edit Buffers57  Operation Parameter Selection and Data Entry60Display of values64  All About The Memory Store66Compare67  Modmatrix And Definables Creating Modulations via Assign70The Definable Knobs72  Master Clock And Midi-Clock  Master Clock and MIDI-Clock74  The Effects Section The Effect Section76  Audio Inputs Audio Inputs78 - OSC Volume /Input79- Input global Settings80- Input Level Indicator80  Audio Routing The Audio Outputs82  Categories Sound Categories84  Random Patch Generator Random Patches86  Additional Functions Additional Functions90 - Panic Function90- Audition function90- Reset Function91  The Parameters OSC Section (Encoder)94 - Oscillator 195- Oscillator 295 OSC Sektion (Menu)96 - Oscillator 196- Oscillator 297- Oscillators98- Sub Oscillator99- Ringmodulator100- Noise100 Filter Section (Encoder)101Filter Section/Menu102 - Filter 1102
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